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Bulgaria, 1887-1908 AD., Ferdinand I as prince, Royal Medal for Merit.

Bulgaria, Ferdinand I (Knyaz - as prince), Royal Medal for Merit, 1887-1908 AD.,
Bronze Medal (28-34 mm / 11,04 g),
Obv.: ФЕPДИНАНДЪ I. КНЯЗЬ HA БЪЛГАРIЯ , head of the young Prince (later King) Ferdinand I facing left, circumscribed with his name and title within a beaded border, beneath truncation signed ‘A • SCHARFF’.
Rev.: ЗА / ЗАСЛУГА (for merit) , above a five-pointed star within a wreath of oak and laurel.

The Medal for Merit was founded on 25 December 1881 and awarded in three classes, gold (rarely awarded), silver and bronze for service to the Crown or Fatherland, the bronze medal being awarded to lower-ranking officials and non-commissioned officers. This example shows a young Ferdinand referred to as ‘Knyaz’ (Prince) rather than ‘King’ or ‘Tsar’ and thus dates from the period 1887 to 1908. Hard-to-find early example.

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