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Vietnam, 1961-1975 AD., Republic, fake Tu Duc silver bar, value 1 Liang, Vietnam War era fake pendant.

Vietnam - Annam, Vietnam War era fake (1946?–) 1961-1975, , genuine specimens produced 1848-1883 AD., Nguyễn Dynasty, ruler: Tu Duc, (Dực Tông or Tự Đức), large characters type, all in large Han-nom characters,
fake Tu Duc silver bar, value 1 Liang (Lang) (dimensions 5 x 8,5 x 43 mm / 37,99 g), genuine silver bars were produced for trade with Yunnan (China) and show ca. 37.94 g mint weight, rectangular shape with additional hanger, square punchmark at bottom: three lines in a square frame (symbol for the earth), probably another punch at top but hidden by the additionally soldered hanger: rosette in a circle (symbol for the heaven).
Obv.: 嘉隆年造 , “Tu Duc Nien Tao“ (= produced during the Tu Duc era).
Right of obv.: 中平號 , “trung binh hieu“ (= symbol of Trung Binh) ,- name of issuer: 中 .
Rev.: 精銀壹両 , “Tinh ngân nhất lạng“ (= one Liang fine silver).
Left of obv.: 值錢貳貫捌佰 , tri tien nhi quan bat mach (= value of 2 quan and 8 mach money (1680 van) / value (equal to) two strings and 800 cash coins).
Zeno 154966 ( ; Zeno 148801 ( .
for genuine issues cf. ; KM 494 ; - Schroeder 320 .

The punches (on the top and) bottom of the bar symbolize the sky (rosette in a circle) and earth (3 lines in the square). As with the Chinese cash coins, where the circular coin shape is the symbol of the sky and the quadrangular center hole is that of the earth, the ruler, as a mediator between heaven and earth, simultaneously guarantees the acceptance of the money.

This is a fake Tu Duc silver bar due to incorrect inscription on the side right of the obverse (the last picture right). This is from the same person who cast a fake Tu Duc in Zeno # 154966. The inscription on the Tu Duc fake is completely wrong because it is copied from a Gia Long silver bar. This bar has to be fake because the reverse and sides match the Tu Duc fake (Zeno # 154966). These are probably Vietnam War era fakes.

Side A has an incorrect inscription. The inscription on this fake is from Gia Long silver bars as seen in the Annam Etudes Numismatiques by Albert Schroeder book:
see # 120
Here is an example of a Tu Duc silver bar also in the Schroeder book. Tu Duc bars also exist without inscriptions on their sides (according to Bernard J. Permar's book Albert Schoeder's Gold and Silver Coins of Annam).).
see # 320

The monetary value of one lang of silver on the side. On the Gia Long, Thiêu Tri and Tu Duc, the value is always the same ! : "two guan and eight mach" (1680 van). But it is well know that during the reign of Tu Duc, the silver lang had the value of 4302 van.

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