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553-554 AD., Sasanian empire, Khusro I., Gay mint, Drachm.

Sasanian empire, Khusro I., GD mint, Gay (Jayy) in Media / southern district, dated Sasanian regnal year "dwčwyst’" = 22 = 553-554 AD.,
Drachm (30-31 mm / 4,06 g), diameter of obverse dotted border = 20 mm; diameter of reverse border = 24 mm,
Obv.: Pahlavi legend '(K)HUSRUI AFZUI' (Khusru, the bestower of prosperity) , facing bust of Khusro, head right, wearing Tiara ("merlon crown") with tassel to left and surmounted by crescent with |||: inside single dotted-border. Tiara bears 2 layers of pearls, three turrets (one on each side and one at the back) and a crescent in front. Jewel clip holds tiara. Stiff crown cap is very high. Star is in front of and behind crown. Crescent clip holds orymbos. Crescent is over both shoulders. Three crescents without stars at 3, 6 and 9 o'clock are outside the rim.
Rev.: Pahlavi script "dwčwyst" = regnal year 22, left and "Gd" (mint abbrev. for Gay (Jayy) , right; fire altar with two attendants standing facing, wearing tall headgear, attendants hold short swords and have both hands on sword hilt, star and crescent beside flames, altar has ribbons, all inside single dotted-border. Fire Altar has a narrow shaft with Ribbons upturned (ribbons remain upturned in coins of subsequent rulers, except Ardashir III.). Crescent to left and star to right of fire. The attendants are king and prince facing forwards, both their hands resting on sword halter in front.
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