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South Africa, 1962 AD., Republic, ½ Cent, KM 56.

South Africa, Republic, engraver: George Edward Kruger Gray (reverse), 1962 AD.,
½ Cent (25,5 mm / 5,57 g), brass, mintage 17.895.000 ,
Obv.: EENDRAG MAAK MAG * UNITY IS STRENGTH * , bust of Jan van Riebeeck 1/4 r.
Rev.: SUID-AFRICA·1941·SOUTH·AFRICA / ½ C. / KG , cape sparrows.
KM 56 .

Johan Anthoniszoon "Jan" van Riebeeck (April 21, 1619, Culemborg, Gelderland – Batavia (now renamed Jakarta) on the island of Java, January 18, 1677) was a Dutch colonial administrator and founder of Cape Town.In 1651 he was requested to undertake the command of the initial Dutch settlement in the future South Africa.
He landed three ships (Drommedaris, Reijger, and Goede Hoop) at the future Cape Town on 6 April 1652 and fortified the site as a way-station for the VOC trade route between the Netherlands and the East Indies. The Walvisch and the Oliphant arrived later, having had 130 burials at sea.
Van Riebeeck was Commander of the Cape from 1652 to 1662; he was charged with building a fort, with improving the natural anchorage at Table Bay, planting fruit and vegetables and obtaining livestock from the indigenous Khoi people. In the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden in Cape Town there is a Wild Almond hedge still surviving, that was planted on his orders as a barrier. The initial fort, named Fort de Goede Hoop ('Fort of Good Hope') was made of mud, clay and timber, and had four corners or bastions. This first fort should not be confused with Redoubt Duijnhoop or the Cape Town Castle. The Castle, built between 1664 and 1679, several years after Van Riebeeck's departure, has five bastions and is made of brick, stone and cement.

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