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South Africa, 1993 AD., Republic, 20 Cents, KM 136.

South Africa, Republic, engravers: A. L. Sutherland (obverse) and S. Erasmus (reverse), 1993 AD.,
20 Cents (19 mm / 3,55 g), brass-plated steel, 3,50 g. theor. mint weight, mintage 134,000,000 , axes medal alignment ↑↑ (0°), reeded edge,
Obv.: SOUTH AFRICA - SUID AFRIKA / EN UNITATE VIRES / ALS / 1993 , national arms with supporters, motto on ribbon below, engraver´s initials to left below.
Rev.: 20 c / S E , a Royal Protea flower within sprigs, value at upper right, engraver´s initials at lower right edge.
KM 136 .

Year / Mintage
1990 22,469
1990 10,239 Proof
1991 26,800
1991 11,800 Proof
1992 21,000,000
1992 10,263 Proof
1993 134,000,000
1993 7,790 Proof
1994 145,000,000
1994 5,804 Proof
1995 108,000,000
1995 5,816 Proof

1910 arms of South Africa:
The first coat of arms was granted by King George V by Royal Warrant on 17 September 1910. This was a few months after the formation of the Union of South Africa.
It was a combination of symbols representing the four provinces (formerly colonies) that made up the Union.
The first quarter is the figure of Hope, representing the Colony of the Cape of Good Hope.
The two wildebeests of the second quarter represent Colony of Natal.
The orange tree in the third quarter was used as the symbol of the Orange Free State Republic.
The wagon in the fourth quarter represented the Transvaal.
The supporters are taken from the arms of the Orange River Colony and the Cape Colony.
The lion holds four rods, bound together, symbolizing the unification of the four former colonies.
The motto, Ex Unitate Vires was officially translated as "Union is Strength" until 1961, and thereafter as "Unity is Strength".

The Royal Protea is South Africa's national flower.

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