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Sweden, 2001 AD., mint set medal.

Sweden, 2001 mint set medal, engraver: BT (?), no date (2001 AD.),
Medal (ø 23 mm / 6,72 g), copper, axes medal alignment ↑↑ (0°), plain edge,
Obv.: SVERIGE / BT , flan divided in four equal segments containing (from top to left): three crowns, a network, country name in different ways plus engraver´s initials "BT", segments of gear wheels
Rev.: @se / ´´´°´´°´°´´´°´´´°°´´´´°´´´°´´° / ⠎⠧⠑⠗⠊⠛⠑ (Sverige in Braille) / ··· ···- · ·-· ·· --· · (Sverige in Morse code) / ZPEVO·Γk· / (runes) , six different lines of letters and symbols related to Sweden and it´s name, stylized viking ship below.

"FosseWay" added on 13/12/2013:

"The runes are the runic alphabet in the traditional order (starting with FUTHARK, one of the names for the alphabet).
The 'Viking' ship and other items at the bottom are taken from hällristningar (rock carvings), most of which date from well before the Vikings. The most extensive and famous area of these in Sweden is between Tanum and Fjällbacka on the west coast, a couple of hours on the bus from me. More in English here; a selection of boats in particular has been collected on the Swedish WP page here.
I don't know what the line apparently beginning ZPEV is. I wondered whether it was a form of the Gothic alphabet, as Gothic was spoken for several centuries on Gotland and quite possibly elsewhere in eastern Sweden, but I can't relate all of the characters on the medal to actual glyphs in the alphabet, never mind get them to spell something sensible.
On the other side, I think the 'network' (i.e. right-hand quadrant) is actually stylised trees with a hill behind. ..."

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