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Sweden, 1900-2000 AD., unattributed Token by Sporrong & Co., Stockholm.

Sweden, KS (Københavns Sporvelje Rabatpolet ?), ca. 1900-2000 AD.,
Token (ø 19 mm / 1,78 g), brass, axes medal alignment ↑↑ (0°), plain edge, scalloped,
Obv.: Ks , company initials ? on a plain field.
Rev.: C. C. SPORRONG & Co. / STOCKHOLM , arms within circle, manufacturer´s name around.

C C Sporrong & Co Stockholm are token, badge, button etc., makers. This may be an advertising token of a company with the initials Ks.
Sporrong is one of the oldest companies in Sweden. The business was founded in Stockholm on a cold February day back in 1666 by Master Henrik Grau, girdle-maker. Following several changes of name and owner, the business was taken over in 1842 by Carl Claes Sporrong, who also gave his name to the company. Today, production is carried out at the company’s own facilities in Finland and Estonia, or by authorised partners in other parts of the world. Sporrong has sales offices in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Estonia and Latvia.

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