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Sweden, 1719 AD., Carl XII / Ulrika Eleonora, Stockholm mint, 1 Daler, KM 369.

Sweden, Carl XII / Ulrika Eleonora, Baron Görtz Emergency issue - Nodmynt, design by Hedinger, 1619 AD.,
1 Daler (24 mm / 4,02 g), copper, mintage 1.500.000 (both var.), medal alignment ↑↑ (0°), milled edge with pattern: <><><><> ,
Obv.: hoppet , personification of Hope standing front with transverse anchor at her feet, date in exergue.
Rev.: .1. / DALER / S.M , value in circle within ornamented cartouche, below abbreviation S.M , meaning "Silver Money equivalent", 1 between small hearts, inverted heart between S M.
KM 369 .

Year / Mintage
1719 / 1.500.000 (inverted heart between S M)
1719 / (incl. above) (diamond between S M)

Swedish war emergency money was issued from 1715 to 1719 in copper coins to replace the much larger silver daler in use before the war. The name Görtz daler refers to Gottorp-Holstein's baron Georg Heinrich von Schlitz (called Görtz), Geheimrat and finance minister at the time. To prevent forgeries Sweden's government issued 10 different types in successive editions. Though the inscription promised 1 Daler silvermynt this last series was actually issued as 2-öre-pieces silvermynt and supposed to have the same value as 1 daler kopparmynt or Plåtmynt.

The Great Northern War between Russia and Sweden brought devaluation to the silver based coinage of Sweden to the point that emergency copper money in lieu of silver was struck, with full promise that it would be honored as silver once the war ended. As expected from governments, this was not the case. Baron Görtz' solution to the King's need for money had been simply to mint a million Copper coins, stamped "One Daler in Silver" which had to be accepted in the market as Silver Dalers. These tokens bore fancy names. The emergency money was – with a circulation of some 4 million coins – everything but welcomed by the population. What was worse: Sweden's governemnt ultimately failed to buy the old coins from the market and to exchange them for coins of a more appropriate nominal value. In February 1719 Görtz had to pay for the general dissatisfation with his beheading in Stockholm. The government's promise to accept the worthless coins as proper payment as soon as peace arrived was hardly kept after the piece of Nystad in 1721. Coins were accepted yet only for half their nominal value i.e. 16 öre. The remaining coins began to circulate as 1-öre-pieces, some of them were overstruck with the new value.

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