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Bulgaria, 1941 AD., Boris III, World War II issue, 5 Leva, KM 39a.

Bulgaria, Boris III, World War II issue, 1941 AD.,
5 Leva (26 mm / 7,90 g), iron, mintage 15.000.000 ,
Obv.: KPУMЪ / 814 , Madara Horseman monument, male (Khan Krum) on horseback r., accompanied by a running dog, a speared lion beneath.
Rev.: 5 / ЛEBA / 1941 / БЪЛГАРИЯ , value, denomination and date above country name, all within wreath.
KM 39a .

Krum (Bulgarian: Крум) was Khan of Bulgaria, from after 796, but before 803, to 814 AD. During his reign the Bulgarian territory doubled in size, spreading from the middle Danube to the Dnieper and from Odrin to the Tatra Mountains.

The Madara Rider or Madara Horseman (Bulgarian: Мадарски конник, Madarski konnik) is an early medieval large rock relief carved on the Madara Plateau east of Shumen in northeastern Bulgaria, near the village of Madara. The monument is dated to about 710 AD and has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1979.
The relief depicts a majestic horseman 23 m (75 ft) above ground level in an almost vertical 100 m (328 ft)-high cliff. The horseman, facing right, is thrusting a spear into a lion lying at his horse's feet. An eagle is flying in front of the horseman and a dog is running after him. The scene symbolically depicts a military triumph. The monument was created during the rule of the Bulgar Khan Tervel, and is probably a portrayal of the khan himself and a work of the Bulgars, a nomadic tribe of warriors which settled in northeastern Bulgaria at the end of the 7th century AD and after merging with the local Slavs gave origin to the modern Bulgarians. Other theories connect the relief with the ancient Thracians, claiming it portrays a Thracian god.

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