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270-295 AD., Kushano-Sassanian, Hormizd I., Æ Drachm, Balkh mint , Göbl, Kushan 1052.

Kushano-Sassanian, Hormizd I, Balkh mint, 270-295 AD.,
Æ Drachm (14-15 mm / 1,96 g), copper, axes about medal alignment ↑↑ (ca. 340°),
Obv.: Awhrmzdi Mlka (Pahlavi legend: "Hormizd king"), sometimes with additional title Awhrmzdi [rba Kwshan Mlkan] Mlka (Hormizd Kushan king), bust of King r., lion-head crown with lotus blossom above.
Rev.: Bwrzandy yzty ("exalted god"), exalted God emerging from ribboned altar.
Göbl, Kushan 1052 ; Carter 12 ; JCD 2225 ; Bivar 27 ; M 1280-81 ; cf. .

Western Kushans were dominated by the Sassanians and issued coins in Sassanian style bearing the name of the Sassanian kings. The Sasanid empire was large and powerful, and exercised some of its control through vassal states in Bactria and Gandhara, often referred to as Kushanshahs (kings or kingdoms of Kushan). They were allowed their own coinage under Sasanid patronage. On the reverse, there is a deitiy emerging from the flames of the fire altar. This is reminiscent of the Sasanid drachms, which show Ahura Mazda in the flames, but in this case the figure seems to be leaning on a staff or maybe emerging with its aid. It is possible that this might represent Mithra. The fire altar is an important symbol. It represents the enduring energy of the creator Ahura Mazda.

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