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622-623 AD., Sasanian empire, Khusro II., Shiraz mint, Drachm.

Sasanian empire, Khusro II., ShY mint, Shiraz in Fars Provice, year 33 (622-623 AD.),
Drachm (29-31 mm / 3,45 g), diameter of obverse dotted border = 22 mm; diameter of reverse border = 21 mm,
Obv.: to the upper right of the portrait Pahlavi script 'hwslwb', or Khusro / Xusro / Chosroes, to the left of the portrait Pahlavi script 'GDH apzwt', translating to "may his glory grow", combined: 'KHUSRUI AFZUN' (Khusru, the bestower of prosperity) , bust of Khusro II facing, head right, wearing tiara (winged crown) surmounted by star and crescent, inside double dotted-border, crescent with star at 3, 6 and 9 o'clock. Tiara, bearing two layers of pearls, has three turrets - a small one on each side and one at the back with a crescent in front. At the back, the tiara is held in place by a clip of three gemstones. There are three gemstones in the earrings and in the pendant. A star and crescent motif top an enormous pair of wings. Star and crescent on each shoulder and crescent over left shoulder. The crown of pure gold was about 200 lbs. it was suspended by golden chains from the ceiling of the throne room.
Rev.: Pahlavi script "syčsy" = "33" (year, left) and "ShY" (mint abbrev. for Shiraz, right) , two attendants flanking a flaming altar, crescents on their heads, star and crescent beside flames, all inside triple dotted-border, crescent with star at 3, 6, 9 and 12 o'clock.
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The reverse scene was symbolic for the Zoroastrianism religion the Sasanians followed. In 461 AD., a cosmic occurrence of the close conjunction of Venus and the Moon was noted. From this date, the symbolic use of the Star and the Crescent became the accepted standard of Zarathushti good fortune and glory.

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