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Switzerland, 1997-2016 AD., Elongated coin souvenir issue for tourists, Bernese Highlands (Berner Oberland) commemorative, cf. KM Switzerland 29a.

Switzerland, Elongated coin souvenir issue for tourists, Bernese Highlands (Berner Oberland) commemorative, produced ca. 1997-2016 AD.,
Elongated coin - souvenir issue (ø 21,5-32 mm / 4,00 g), from a Swiss 20 Rappen issue dated 1997 of the Bern mint, copper-nickel (non-magnetic), 4,00 g. original coin weight, 21,1 mm original diameter, original coin mintage 6.022.000 , bent,
Obv.: EIGER / 3970 m – MÖNCH / 4099 m – JUNGFRAU / 4158 m / BERNER OBERLAND , arms of Switzerland and Bern r., three mountains in background, names and altitudes above; faint residues of the original depiction visible upside down: value number 20 in wreath.
Rev.: traces of the original obverse: CONFŒDERATIO HELVETICA / 1997 , head of Liberty r., crowned by diadem inscribed "LIBERTAS" (freedom), toothed border.
for the original coin: cf. KM Switzerland 29a .

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The Berner Oberland (German; English: Bernese Highlands, also referred to in the English-speaking tourism sector as the Bernese Oberland), is the higher part of the canton of Bern, Switzerland, in the southern end of the canton, and one of the canton's five administrative regions (in which context it is referred to as Oberland without further specification).
The whole region consists of the area around Meiringen and Hasliberg up to Grimsel Pass (2,164 m [7,100 ft]), around Lake Thun (558 m [1,831 ft]) and Lake Brienz, and the valleys of many high mountains with the inevitable Jungfrau Peak (4,158 m [13,642 ft]), the area southwest of the Lake Thun with Kandersteg (connection to the Valais) and Adelboden, and the area round Gstaad and Lenk in the Simmental. The mountain range in the Berner Oberland south of the Aare and north of the Rhône are collectively called the Bernese Alps.

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