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15-10 BC., Augustus, Lugdunum mint, Æ As, RIC 230 var.

Augustus, Lugdunum mint, struck 15-10 BC., countermarked 7-9 AD.,
Æ As (25-26 mm / 7.35 g),
Obv.: CAESAR - [PONT MAX] , laureate head of Augustus r., countermark on neck: monogram VAR within quadrilateral incuse.
Rev.: [ROM ET AVG] , front elevation of the Ara Lugdunensis, flanked by Victories on columns.
RIC 230 var. ; BMC 550 var. ; Cohen 240 var. ; countermark: CBN 1623 ; Grünwald 69, pl. IV, 13 .

Publius Quinctilius Varus was one of the most celebrated of Augustus' generals. He had been consul in 13 BC (along with the future emperor Tiberius), governor of Syria, where he had sent two legions into Judaea to quell local unrest after the territory was converted to a Roman province. He had also been proconsul in Africa between 8 and 5 BC and subsequently governor of Germania.
By 9 AD, Augustus had decided to straighten (and thereby shorten) Rome's borders by conquering the vast region of Germania beyond the Rhine. He assigned Varus to develop the region without war, but the mixed Gauls and Germans living there were not prepared to accept Romanization. The Cherusci under their king Arminius, along with other allies, ambushed Varus in the Teutoburg Forest of northwest Germany, and there annihilated the XVII, XVIII and XIX Roman legions in a pitched battle that lasted for three days.
Varus, sensing doom, committed suicide, and when Augustus heard of the disaster, he tore his clothes and screamed, "Varus, give me back my legions!" No further attempts were made to subdue the Germans beyond the Rhine until the reign of Domitian, and Varus was blamed for the collapse of imperial policy in Germany.

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