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Prusias ad Hypium in Bithynia, 81-96 AD, Domitianus, AE 27, RPC II 687.

Prusias ad Hypium in Bithynia, Domitianus, AE 25, 81-96 AD, RPC II 687
Obv.: [ΑΥΤ ΔΟΜΙΤΙΑΝ]ΟΣ ΚΑΙΣΑΡ ΣΕΒ ΓΕΡΜA , laureate head right.
Rev.: [ΚΑΠΕΤΩ]ΛΙΟ - Ν ΣΕΒΑΣΤ-Ω[Ν] , front viev of a tetrastyle temple.
RPC II #687 (7 specimens)

Prusias ad Hypium (today: Konuralp (Üskübü) in Turkish province Dücze) was situated south of the Euxine, on the river Hypius.
The city issued imperial coins from the reign of Vespasian up to Gallienus.
According to the historian Memnon the city originally was called Kieros and belonged to Herakleia Pontica, before it became a part of Bithynia by Zipoites (328 - 280 BC king of Bithynia) and finally by Prusias I. (who renamed the city).

RPC notes "The attribution to Prusias ad Hypium rests on the find spot of so many specimens. Bosch (pp. 187-8), while thinking that the coin was an issue of the Koinon, suggested that the coin was minted in mid-86, when Domitian celebrated the first Capitoline festival. Price interpreted the legend as being in the masculine accusative and consisting of epithets of Zeus, but it would seem odd to omit the deity's name. He was reluctant to treat the legend as being neuter nominative, since he thought a reference to the restoration of the Capitoline temple at Rome at the faraway city of Prusias ad Hypium was unlikely. But there seems no obvious reason why Prusias ad Hypium should not have had its own Kapetolion sebasaton, in imitation of that at Rome, a possibility made more probable by the likely representation of the same temple on a coin of Vespasian."

Thanks to Steve Minnoch for identification support.

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