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Galerie > Ancient World > The Roman Empire > Rome (modern Roma, Italy)
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211 AD., Caracalla, Rome mint, Æ Dupondius, cf. RIC 485b.

Caracalla, Rome mint, 211 AD.,
Æ Dupondius (23-24 mm / 9,99 g),
Obv.: ANTONINVS - PIVS A[V]G , radiate head of Caracalla right.
Rev.: [FORT] RED TR P XIIII COS III / S - C , Fortuna seated l., holding rudder and cornucopiae.
cf. RIC IV, I, 292, 485b ; cf. Hill, Sept. Sev. 1250 ; BMC - ; Coh. - (cf. 88) .

Curtis Clay:

"My die catalogue, including your spec. and the two in CoinArchives, now contains 13 spec. of this dupondius, all from the same obv. die and from five rev. dies.

Others from the same dies as yours and Künker's: Paris, Glasgow 101 (pl. 20), Copenhagen.

These are all mules from an old obv. die, omitting BRIT which Caracalla had assumed in the course of the preceding year. The ASSES with the same rev. type all correctly add BRIT to the obv. legend, but as far as I know dupondii were struck only from this obsolete die without BRIT. The corresponding dupondii of Caracalla WITH P P, however, struck after the arrival in Rome of the news of Septimius' death at York on 4 Feb. 211, were all struck from current obv. dies correctly naming the emperor BRIT.

As to the publication history, sometimes correct descriptions of this dupondius without BRIT on the obv. have been wrongly amended by later cataloguers, who have added the BRIT that they assumed must have been there!

On this issue announcing the return of the imperial family to Rome while they were still in Britain and before Septimius died, see also my thread Missing Sestertii on this same Forvm board."

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