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Utica in Zeugitana, Tiberius, Dupondius, 29-30 AD, RPC 740.

Utica (Africa Proconsularis) in Zeugitana, Tiberius, Vibius Marsus Proconsul, C. Sallustius Iustus Duovir, 29-30 AD.,
Dupondius(?) (30 mm / 17,22 g),
Obv.: [TI CAE]SAR D[IVI AVG F] AVGVSTVS IMP VIII , bare head of Tiberius left.
Rev.: C VIBIO MARSO PRCOS III S SALLVSTIVS IVSTVS IIV , in field: M - M / I - V , Livia seating right.
RPC I, 192, 740 (3 specimens listed).

Utica is an ancient city northwest of Carthage near the outflow of the Bagradas river (al-Majrada) into the Mediterranean Sea.
The city of Utica was one of the first ports in Africa founded by the Phoenicians around 1100 BC, long before the establishment of Carthage, which would eventually became its rival. Utica served as a re-supply port for boats making the long trip from Phoenicia (ancient Lebanon) to two other Phoenician cities also founded around 1100 BC: Gadir (modern Cadiz, Spain) and Lixis (modern Larache, Morocco). The remains of Utica are now located 10 km from the coastline.
Utica sided with Rome against Carthage in the Third Punic War and, consequently, the city became the capital of the Ancient Roman province of Africa between 146 and at least 12 BC, when the provincial capital was moved to Carthage. It had the status of a free city within Africa Vetus from 146 BC. Utica became a Roman municipium in 36 BC.
Today Utica has been partially excavated and the remains include a market and temples to Baal and Tanit.

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