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Viminacium or Sarmizegetusa (?) mint for Dacia, 248-249 AD., Philip I., Sestertius, Martin 2.67.19.

Philip I., Viminacium or Sarmizegetusa (?) mint for Dacia, dated year 3, 248-249 AD.,
Æ Sestertius (27-28 mm / 16,78 g),
Obv.: IMP M IVL PHILIPPVS AVG , laureate, draped and cuirassed bust of Philip right, seen from behind.
Rev.: PROV-IN - CIA - DACIA / AN III (in ex., year 3 = 248-249 AD.) , Dacia standing left, wearing long chiton and Phrygian cap, holding curved sword in her right hand, and vexillum marked XIII in left hand; to left vexillum marked V, to right of Dacia lion advancing left, to left of Dacia eagle with head turned right, wreath in beak.
Martin 2.67.19 ; Pick, AMNG I, 11, 16 ; BMC 3, 14, 6 ; Sear GIC 371, 3873 .

Of the Roman Province of Dacia there are no coins with Greek inscriptions. The Provincial coins reading PROVINCIA DACIA were issued during eleven years only from Philip Sen. to Gallienus, A. D. 246-257. They are dated AN. I-AN. XI. The usual type is Dacia standing holding in her hands the standards of Legions V and XIII with their respective ensigns, an eagle and a lion, beneath. (Pick, Ant. Münz. N.-Gr., I. Pl. I. 1-7.) .

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