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30-29 BC., Octavian, uncertain Italian mint, Denarius, RIC 274.

Octavian, uncertain Italian mint, possibly Rome, 30-29 BC.,
Denarius (18-19 mm / 3,69 g),
Obv.: IMP , head of youthful Mars right, wearing slight beard and crested Corinthian helmet; all in a linear circle, graffity and banker´s marks.
Rev.: CAESAR , around upper rim of circular shield, the central boss ornamented with a star, lying on top of a sword and spear in saltire (crossed).
RIC I, 61, 274 ; Coh. 44 ; BN I, 71, 87-90 ; CRI 428 ; RSC 44 ; BMCRE 644-5 = BMCRR Rome 4368-9 .

With this issue there was a dramatic decline in the output of coinage in Italy until the constitutional settlement in January of 27 BC. Over the three year period, between the autumn of 32 BC and the summer of 29 BC, Octavian had met the expenses of the Actian campaign, the conquest of Egypt, and the settlement of the legionary veterans. Octavian was now recognized as the sole authority.

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