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Galerie > Ancient World > Ancient India (til ca.1550 AD.) > India, Kushan
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India, Kushan, 80-112 AD., Vima Takha, AE Tetradrachm, Mitchiner ACW 2947-2952

India, Kushan, Vima Takha (called "Soter Megas"), ca. 80-112 AD.,
AE Tetradrachm (20-21 mm / 8,55 g),
Obv.: Small, neat bust; diademed and radiate (7 rays Tamgha behind) of king right, holding sceptre; 3 pronged tamgha behind.
Rev.: BACIΛЄV BA[CIΛЄVωN] Cω[THP MЄΓAC] ("King of Kings, the Great Saviour") Greek legend with round letterforms , King on horseback holding dagger; 3 pronged tamgha in front.
Mitchiner ACW 2947-2952 .

Vima Takha seems to have recovered at least some of Kujula's Indian territory from the Indo-Parthians. He took the Kabul valley and then expanded into northern Pakistan.
The bulk of the Soter Megas coinage consists of this type, with the diademed, radiate bust of the king right on the obverse and the mounted king right on the reverse. The coins vary somewhat in the number of rays emanating above the king's bust (this speciman has 7 rays) and by the Greek letter forms used. This coin has the "rounded" letter forms, but others have "square" letter forms.

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