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Amphipolis in Macedonia, 158-150 BC., Roman Protectorate, Tetradrachm, AMNG III 167.

Macedon under the Romans - Roman Protectorate, Republican period. First Meris - The First District,
Tetradrachm, 30-32 mm, 17.13 g., Amphipolis mint, 158-150 BC.
Obv.: Diademed and draped bust of Artemis right, bow and quiver over shoulder, in the center of a Macedonian shield decorated with seven eight-pointed stars within double crescents, each separated by three pellets.
Rev.: ΜΑΚΕΔΟΝΩΝ / ΠΡΩΤΗΣ , Club to right; above, monogram HP; below, N; all within oak wreath, thunderbolt in outer left field.
AMNG III, 1, p. 57, no. 167 ; SNG Ashmolean 3300 ; SNG Cop. - ; BMC Macedonia 4 .

In 168 BC, the last Macedonian king, Perseus, was defeated at Pydna by the Romans. Macedon was then divided into four republics, with their capitals at Amphipolis, Pelagonia, Pella and Thessalonica. It was not until 158 BC that the Roman Senate allowed three of these four territories to strike coinage. This tetradrachm was struck between the years 158-149 BC and contains on its obverse a Macedonian shield with the bust of Artemis, the sister of Apollo, on its center. The reverse shows the club of Hercules which alludes to Hercules’ slaying of the Cretan bull.

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