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Galerie > Ancient World > Ancient India (til ca.1550 AD.) > India, Kushan
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India, Kushan, 80-112 AD., Vima Takha, AE Tetradrachm, Balkh mint, Mitchiner ACW 2967.

India, Kushan, Vima Takha (called Soter Megas), AE Tetradrachm, Balkh mint, ca. 80-112 AD.,
AE Tetradrachm / Æ 20 (19-20 mm / 8,04 g),
Obv.: draped, diademed bust r .
Rev.: , horseman holding up (?) and horse standing r., four pronged Tamgha (pitchfork symbol) before.
Mitchiner ACW 2967 .

Doug Smith stated 08/02/2010:

"This is Soter Megas, Kushan, but more than that it is a less common variation with squared letters and four pronged Tamgha (pitchfork symbol) instead of the usual 3 pronged ones. Mitchiner ACW classified it as Balkh mint. The other classification device used is a count of the rays on the crown. I think I see ten so this would be Mitchiner 2967. As I understand the matter, many people don't put a lot of weight in Mitchiner's distinctions and fine dating as well as mint locations are not all that certain. In good condition the four prong version might bring a premium but this coin is pretty rugged so I doubt it would start a bidding frenzy.

The interesting part of this subject is that Soter Megas is a title (Great Savior). The king was so great that he saw no need to put his name on the coins. As a result his name was lost to history until 1993 when an inscription provided the name Vima Takto. This is explained and two nice (but the common 3 prong variety) coins are shown here:"

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