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Galerie > Ancient World > Ancient India (til ca.1550 AD.) > India, Yaudheya
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India, Yaudheya, 300-340 AD., Æ Tetradrachm, Mitchiner ACW 4711 - 4715.

India, Yaudheya, civic coinage, early series, division 2, 300-340 AD.,
Æ Tetradrachm (23-24 mm / 11,14 g),
Obv.: 'Yaudheya Ganasya Jaya' ( in Brahmi: "Victory to the Yaudheya people"), Karttikeya standind facing, holding sceptre; peacock on right.
Rev.: Goddess standing with hand on hip, wearing transparent garment; lotus and nandipana symbol in field..
Mitchiner ACW 4711 - 4715 ; Göbl AN 7451 (pl. 118) .

Yaudheya or Yaudheya Gana was an ancient tribal confederation who lived in the area between the Indus river and the Ganges river. They find mention in Pāṇini's Ashtadhyayi and Ganapatha. There are other references to them namely in Mahabharata, Mahamayuri, Brihatsamhita, Puranas, Chandravyakarana and Kashika. As references are spanned from writings of early period to the medieval period, the chronology of Yaudheyas perhaps spans from as early as 500 BCE till 1200 CE. They were in zenith of their power from about 200 BCE to 400 CE.
Their territory included on the west–Sutlej, Depalpur, Satgarha, Ajundhan, Kahror, Multan, on the east - Bhatner, Abohar, Sirsa, Hansi, Panipat and Sonipat and on the north - Kangra. These were listed based on the assumptions of coin finds. Even Haryana and Panjab were included in the territory they might have ruled.
There isn’t much known about ancient tribes which are mentioned in ancient literature and inscriptions but the existence of a powerful clan known as Yaudheyas has come to light mainly from their coins and coin-moulds found in large number in this area. A large number of their coins depicted the god Brahmanyadeva or Karttikeya.

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