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Galerie > Ancient World > Macedonia > Olynthos

Olynthos in Macedonia, 432 BC. and earlier, AR Tetrobol, SNG ANS 465.

Olynthos in Macedonia,
AR Tetrobol (14-15 mm / 2.29 g), before 432 BC.,
Obv.: horse pacing right, attached by bridle to Ionic column.
Rev.: O - Λ - Y - N , in four corners of incuse square, within which, flying eagle with serpent in his beak.
SNG ANS 465.

Coins with Eagle and Serpent, as at Elis, may symbolize the Olympian Zeus, and thus refer to victories at the Olympian games, it may also be considered as affording an instance of a colony adopting the type of the money of its mother-city (Chalcis in Euboea).

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