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Galerie > Ancient World > Ancient India (til ca.1550 AD.) > India, Jaunpur Sultanate
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India, Jaunpur Sultanate, 1424 AD., Shams al-Din Ibrahim Shah, Falus, G/G J8.

India, Sultans of Jaunpur, Shams al-Din Ibrahim Shah (AH 804-844 / 1402-1440 AD.), AH 827 / 1424 AD., ( other dates: AH 813-4, 816, 818-44 ),
Æ Falus (15 mm / 5,41 g), copper,
Obv.: "ibrahim shah sultani" , date 827.
Rev.: "khalifa abu'l fath".
R 2701 ; Goron/Goenka "The Coins of the Indian Sultanates" J8 .
Rarity: very common

The Jaunpur sultanate was an independent kingdom of northern India between 1394 CE to 1479 CE, whose rulers ruled from Jaunpur in the present day state of Uttar Pradesh.
The Jaunpur sultanate was ruled by the Sharqi dynasty. The City of Jaunpur was founded by Firuz Tughluq in the memory of Muhammad Tughluq who was also known as Juna Khan. Khwaja Jahan (Malik Sarvar), overseer of the area for the Delhi Sultans, declared himself independent in the confusion caused by Timur's invasion. He was succeeded by his adopted son who took the title of Mubarak Shah. Ibrahim Shah, the next king, was a great patron of learning. During his time, the Sharqi style architecture was developed, and the Atala Masjid was completed in 1408. The last ruler, Husain Shah, was defeated by Bahlol Lodi. At the time of Sikandar Lodi, Jaunpur was permanently annexed to the Delhi Sultanate.

Jaunpur district was annexed into British India based on the Permanent settlement of 1779, and thus was subject to the Zamindari system of land revenue collection. During the Revolt of 1857 the Sikh troops in Jaunpur joined the Indian rebels. The district was eventually reconquered for the British by Gurkha troops from Nepal. Jaunpur then became a district administrative center.

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