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Hyria in Calabria, 217-200 BC., Triens, HNI 788.

Hyria (Uria, Orra, Oria) in Calabria, 217-200 BC.,
Æ Quadrunx / Triens (18-19 mm / 7,67 g),
Obv.: AΛ , head of Minerva right, wearing triple-crested helmet; letters below.
Rev.: ORRA , eagle standing right on thunderbolt; below, value mark: four pellets in exergue.
BMC 1., 158, 3 ; Plant 1523 ; SNG ANS 813 ; SNG France - ; SNG X Morcom - ; HN Italy 788 .

Oria (or Orra, Greek: Ὑρία - Hyria, Οὐρία - Uria) is a town and comune in the Apulia region, in the province of Brindisi, in southern Italy. It is the see city of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Oria.
In classical times, Oria was known as Hyria (Uria) or Hyrium, a city in ancient Messapia and one of the principal Messapian cities. It was located just north of the ancient town Manduria, at some distance southwest of Brundisium, and southeast of Taras/Tarentum; corresponding to the location of the modern town.
According to Herodotus (7.170), it was founded by the Messapians (who according to Herodotus were originally Cretans) sometime after the abortive siege of the Sicanian city Camicus. Between 217 and 84 BC the city was minting its own coins. The coins often feature Iapagus, the Iapygian national hero.

Hyria was conquered by the Romans. It was destroyed in AD 924 and 977. In 1266, Oria was besieged by Manfred of Sicily.

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  [10. November 2013 um 07:00]
Rare and beautiful coin

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