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Seljuqs of Rum, 1241-42 AD., Kay-Khusru II, Sivas mint, Dirham, Album 1218.

Seljuqs of Rum, Ghiyas ad-Din Kay-Khusraw II bin Kay-Qubadh - "2. Gıyasseddin Keyhüsrev bin Keykubad", Ghiyath al-Din Kay Khusraw II, first reign, AH 634-644 / 1237-1246 AD., Sivas mint in Anatolia, dated 638 AH. (1241-42 AD.), cites caliph al-Mustansir (1226-42 AD.),
silver Dirham (21-22 mm / 2,91 g), silver, axes irregular alignment ↑← (ca. 270°),
Obv.: ﺩﺎﺒﻘﻴﻛ ﻦﺑ ﻭﺮﺴﺨﻴﻛ ﻢﻈﻋﻻﺍ ﻥﺎﻄﻠﺴﻟﺍ / ﺔﺋﺎﻤﺘﺳﻭ ﻦﻴﺜﻼﺛﻭ ﻥﺎﻤﺛ ﺔﻨﺳ ﻰﻓ ﺱﺍﻮﻴﺴﺑ ﺏﺮﺿ - "Es-sultan'ül azam Keyhüsrev bin Keykubad. Duribe bi-Sivas fi sene 638" , ( The Sublime Sultan, Protector of the World and Faith, Kaykhusraw son of Kaiqobad, struck in the city of Sivas in the year 639 ) , name and title in four lines across field within single-line quadrangle; mint and AH date in outer margin.
Rev.: ﻦﻴﻨﻣﺆﻤﻟﺍ ﺮﻴﻣﺍ ﻪﻠﻟﺎﺑ ﺮﺼﻨﺘﺴﻤﻟﺍ ﻢﺎﻣﻻﺍ - "al-imam al-mustansir billah amir al-mu’minin" - “the Imam al-Mustansir, Commander of the Faithful”, lion walking right with left paw raised, star below; personification of sun facing and two stars above.
cf. CMM 1772 ; Album 1218 ; Mitchiner 983 var. (star below raised leg) ; ; cf. BMC III 207 ; .
for lion and sun symbolism:

Between 638 and 641 A.H. (ca.1240-1243 AD.) a series of remarkable silver dirhams were struck in Kaykhusraw’s name at Sivas and Konya depicting a lion and sun. While coins with images are not unknown in Islamic lands, particularly in the centuries following the Crusades, Koranic strictures typically forbid representations of living things.
Several explanations of the lion and sun have been offered. One suggests that the images represent the constellation Leo, the astrological sign of Kaykhusraw's beloved Georgian wife Tamar. Another says that the lion represents Kaykhusraw and the sun Tamar.

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