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Histiaia on Euboia, 196-146 BC., magistrate Theo... , Tetrobol, BMC 109 var.

Histiaia on Euboia, magistrate Theo... , ca. 196-146 BC.,
Tetrobol (ø 13-14 mm / 1,96 g), silver, axes irregular alignment ↑→ (ca. 100°),
Obv.: female head right (Maenad ?, Nymph Histiaia ?) wearing earring, necklace and vine wreath.
Rev.: IΣTI - A[I]EΩN , to right and above of the nymph Histeia, hair bound with vine wreath, right breast bare, seated right on stern of a galley and holding a trophy stand; bird (dove?) facing left on galley; ΘEΩ below.
BMC 8. p. 133, 109 var. (legend ΘE ) ; cf. SNG Cop. 534 (same) ; BCD, Euboia 414 (same) ; .

In Greek mythology, maenads (Greek: μαινάδες, mainádes) were the female followers of Dionysus (Bacchus in the Roman pantheon), and the most significant members of the Thiasus, the god's retinue. Their name literally translates as "raving ones". Often the maenads were portrayed as inspired by Dionysus into a state of ecstatic frenzy, through a combination of dancing and intoxication. During these rites, the maenads would dress in fawn skins and carry a thyrsus, a long stick wrapped in ivy or vine leaves and tipped with a pinecone; they would weave ivy-wreaths around their heads or wear a bull helmet in honor of their god, and often handle or wear snakes.

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Name des Albums:Arminius / Achaea
Schlüsselwörter:Histiaia / Euboia / Magistrate / Theo / Tetrobol / Maenad / Nymph / Earring / Necklace / Vine / Wreath / Stern / Galley / Trophy / Stand / Bird / Dove
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