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Galerie > Ancient World > Cilicia > Tarsos
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Tarsos in Cilicia, 164-50 BC., Æ20, SNG Levante 941 var.

Tarsos in Cilicia, 164-50 BC.,
Æ20 (20-21 mm / 8,87 g), bronze, axes about medal alignment ↑↑ (ca. 10°),
Obv.: turreted, draped, and veiled bust of Tyche right; on neck and cheek countermark: radiate head of Helios right.
Rev.: [ΤΑ]ΡΣΕΩΝ - {ΦAP..} / {ΔHP..} , city name and two monograms flanking a monument: Sandan standing right on horned, winged animal advancing right, within a pyramidal monument surmounted by an eagle.
SNG Levante 941 var. ; cf. SNG France 1331 var. ; cf. SNG von Aulock 5972 ; SNG Cop 333-340 var. . monograms as on , countermark as on

Sandan, or perhaps more properly Sandas, was an ancient Anatolian storm god famous for his bad temper, and well known from Hittite and Luwian texts. His worship was centered in Cilicia, and he later seems to have been both equated with Herakles and cited as the founder of the city of Tarsos. The so-called monument of Sandan is not only shown on coins, but also appears on numerous terracotta plaques found in Tarsos, and probably portrays an actual shrine in Tarsos of which no trace remains today (very possibly because it was made out of wood following Anatolian tradition).

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