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Galerie > Medieval to Contemporary > Europe > Portugal and the Portuguese Empire > Brazil as Portuguese colony (1645-1822)
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1822, Portuguese Empire, João VI, Brazil as a colony, Rio de Janeiro mint, 40 Reis, KM 319.1.

Portuguese Empire, João VI (John VI of Portugal), Brazil as a colony (1500-1822), Rio de Janeiro mint, 1822 AD.,
40 Reis (ø 35-35,5 mm / 17,81 g), copper, ca. 14,2 g. (?) theor. mint weight, mintage 4.583.022 , axes medal alignment ↑↑ (0°),smoothed and irregular shaped edge,
Obv.: IOANNES·VI·D·G·PORT·BRAS·ET·ALG·REX· / X L / + 1822 + / + R + , (JOANNES SEXTUS DEI GRATIA PORTUGALIÆ BRASILIÆ ET ALGARBIORUM REX - João VI, por graça de Deus, Rei de Portugal, Brasil e Algarves), crowned Roman value number XL divided and flanked by small rosettes, date and mint mark below, all in a beaded circle, legend around - Coroa sobre colar de pérolas circundando valor, era e letra monetária. Orlando o colar, inscrição.
Rev.: PECUNIA·TOTUM - CIRCUMIT·ORBEM , Portuguese shield on a metallic globe, legend around - Inscrição circundando brasão do Reino Unido de Portugal, Brasil e Algarves.
KM 319.1 .

Year / Mint Mark / Mintage
1818 R 687,000 KM#319.1
1819 R 2,500,000 KM#319.1
1820 B KM#319.2
1820 R 2,018,000 KM#319.1 (star on crown)
1821 B KM#319.2
1821 R 5,307,000 KM#319.1 (cross on crown)
1822 B KM#319.2
1822 R 4.583.022 KM#319.1
1823 B KM#319.2

John VI (Portuguese: João VI; 13 May 1767 – 10 March 1826), nicknamed "the Clement", was King of the United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil and the Algarves from 1816 to 1822, and, although de facto the United Kingdom over which he ruled ceased to exist, he remained so de jure from 1822 to 1825; after the recognition of Brazilian independence under the 1825 Treaty of Rio de Janeiro, he continued as King of Portugal and the Algarves until his death in 1826. Under the said Treaty he also became Titular Emperor of Brazil for life, while his son, Emperor Pedro I, was both de facto and de jure the monarch of the newly independent country.
Throughout his period as Regent and later King, such major powers as Kingdom of Spain, Kingdom of France and its later successor the First French Empire and Great Britain (from 1801, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland) continually intervened in Portuguese affairs. Forced to flee to South America across the Atlantic Ocean into Brazil when troops of the Emperor Napoleon I invaded Portugal, he found himself faced there with Liberal revolts that reflected similar events in the metropolis; he was compelled to return to Europe amid new conflicts. His marriage was no less conflictual, as his wife, Carlota Joaquina of Spain, repeatedly conspired against her husband in favor of personal interests or those of her native Spain. He lost Brazil when his son Pedro declared independence, and his other son Miguel (later Miguel I of Portugal) led a rebellion that sought to depose him. According to recent scholarly research, his death may well have been caused by arsenic poisoning.
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