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Corduba in Hispania, 49-45 BC., issued by moneyer Gnaeus Julius, Quadrans, Villaronga, CNH 1.

Corduba (= Colonia Patricia) in Hispania, issued by moneyer Gnaeus Julius L.f., 49-45 BC.,
Æ Quadrans (ø 19-21 mm / 7,00 g), bronze, axes irregular alignment ↑↘ (ca. 130°),
Obv.: [C N IVLI L F Q] , head of Venus right; three dots (value mark) behind - cabeza de Venus a der., delante [C N IVLI L F Q] , detrás tres puntos.
Rev.: [CORDVBA] , Eros (Cupid), nude, with open wings, standing l., holding cornucopiae in his l. hand, torch in his outstretched r. hand; [three dots (value mark) to left] - cupido con cornucopia a izq., a la der. [CORDVBA] .
Villaronga, CNH 401, 1 ; SNG Cop. 462-3 ; Alvarez Burgos (FAB, new) 249, 1558 ; Alvarez Burgos (old, 2992) 134, 1034 ; F. Chaves Tristan, La Córdoba hispano-romana y sus monedas (1977), 155, 1 ff. ; ACIP 2484 ; SNG BM Spain 1643-8 ; SNG Cop. 462-463 .

Gnaeus Julius was the son of Lucius Julius Caesar , who was Mark Antony's grandfather and Gaius Julius Caesar's cousin.

Ancient Corduba / modern Córdoba (in Spanish) is a city in Andalusia, southern Spain, and the capital of the province of Córdoba. Its population in 2007 was 323,600.
In 206 BC. the Romans conquered the old Iberian settlement located on the Guadalquivir river. It was refounded in 169 BC (Roman times) as Corduba by Claudius Marcellus. In year 46 BC, city was renamed as Colonia Patricia, and it population gets the Roman citizenship. Corduba was the capital of the Roman province of Hispania Ulterior Baetica.
Later, it occupied an important place in the Provincia Hispaniae of the Byzantine Empire (552-572) and during the Visigoth period 572-716.
It was captured in 716 by the Muslims, and Cordova became capital during the Umayyad Caliphate, with a population ranging between 250,000 and 500,000 inhabitants in the tenth century, was the largest city in Western Europe and, perhaps, in the world. In the 10th century, Cordova – called قرطبة (Qurţuba) in Arabic – was a great cultural, political and economic centre.
In 1236 it was captured by Fernando III ("El Santo"), king of Castilia.

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