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Galerie > Ancient World > The Roman Empire > Rome (modern Roma, Italy)
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68 AD., Galba, Rome mint, Dupondius, RIC 284 var.

Galba, Rome mint, June – August 68 AD.,
Dupondius (ø 28-29 mm / 13,09 g), brass (“orichalcum“), axes about coin alignment ↑↓ (ca. 160°), thin flan crack at 2 o´clock of the obverse ending before eyebrows / in field between feet of Pax and below C on reverse,
Obv.: SER GALBA IMP – CAES AVG TR P , his laureate, draped bust facing right. (RIC type 16 Fa) – strange drapery and very compact end of legend.
Rev.: PAX – AVG [VST?] / S – C , Pax, draped, standing left, holding branch in right hand and winged caduceus in left.
RIC I, p. 246, no. 284 var. (type scarce) ; BMC 127 var. ; cf. Coh. 149 . Another coin from the same rev. die, also with VST missing: Lanz Graz IV, Nov. 1974, lot 115.

Obverse die not found online; reverse legend incomplete:? flat traces of letters VS on reverse visible, last letter T pobably at flan crack?.

Curtis Clay on: http://www.forumanc , March 05, 2017:

“Checking Paris, CoinArchives Pro, Berk photofile:
Obv. no die match, but the drapery doesn't bother me, nor the fact that the engraver ran out of space for the legend! I think the coin is authentic.
Rev. I think PAX AVG S C is the full reading, not PAX AVG[VST]. Another coin from the same rev. die, also with VST missing: Lanz Graz IV, Nov. 1974, lot 115.
… “

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