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2015 AD., Germany, Federal Republic, 25th anniversary of German Reunification commemorative, Karlsruhe mint, 2 Euro, KM 337.

Germany, Federal Republic, 25th anniversary of German Reunification commemorative, engravers: Bernd Wendhut (obverse) and Luc Luycx (reverse), Karlsruhe mint (“G“), 2015 AD.,
2 Euro (ø 25,8 mm / 8,40 g), bimetallic, brass plated nickel center in a copper-nickel ring, 8,50 g. theor. mint weight, mintage 4.200.000 , axis medal alignment ↑↑ (0°) , reeded edge with lettering "EINIGKEIT UND RECHT UND FREIHEIT" followed by an eagle,
Obv.: 25 JAHRE DEUTSCHE / EINHEIT - WIR SIND EIN VOLK / WIR SIND EIN VOLK / WIR SIND EIN VOLK / D / G - BW , cheering crowd of people with raised hands in front of Euro-symbol and Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, country abbreviation at center left of Brandenburg Gate, mint mark left below, engraver´s initials right below, all on the brass plated nickel center, 12 stars around on the ring.
Rev.: 2 EURO / LL , map of Europe (2nd map type, no borders), to right 6 lines and twelve stars of Europe on the edge; engraver´s initials LL to r. below O.
Edge: plain with immerged inscription "EINIGKEIT UND RECHT UND FREIHEIT“ followed by an eagle.
KM 337 ; Jaeger 594 ; Schön 323 .

(from circulation in 2018)

German coins of the later Federal Republic are produced at five different mints, coins from each of them can be identified by their mintmarks, A = Berlin, D = Munich, F = Stuttgart, G = Karlsruhe, J = Hamburg.

Year / Mint Mark / Mintage
2015 A 6,000,000
2015 A 74,000 Proof
2015 A 39,800 In Sets Only
2015 D 6,300,000
2015 D 67,000 Proof
2015 D 33,825 In Sets Only
2015 F 7,200,000
2015 F 67,000 Proof
2015 F 33,825 In Sets Only
2015 G 4,200,000
2015 G 67,000 Proof
2015 G 33,825 In Sets Only
2015 J 6.300.000
2015 J 67,000 Proof
2015 J 33,825

The German reunification (German: Deutsche Wiedervereinigung) was the process in 1990 in which the German Democratic Republic (GDR/East Germany) joined the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG/West Germany) to form the reunited nation of Germany, and when Berlin reunited into a single city, as provided by its then Grundgesetz constitution Article 23. The end of the unification process is officially referred to as German unity (German: Deutsche Einheit), celebrated on 3 October (German Unity Day) (German: Tag der deutschen Einheit). Following German reunification, Berlin was once again designated as the capital of united Germany.
The East German regime started to falter in May 1989, when the removal of Hungary's border fence with Austria opened a hole in the Iron Curtain. It caused an exodus of thousands of East Germans fleeing to West Germany and Austria via Hungary. The Peaceful Revolution, a series of protests by East Germans, led to the GDR's first free elections on 18 March 1990, and to the negotiations between the GDR and FRG that culminated in a Unification Treaty. Other negotiations between the GDR and FRG and the four occupying powers produced the so-called "Two Plus Four Treaty" (Treaty on the Final Settlement with Respect to Germany) granting full sovereignty to a unified German state, whose two parts had previously still been bound by a number of limitations stemming from their post-World War II status as occupied regions.

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