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Mexico, 1992 AD., Bullion coinage, Pre-Columbian - Azteca Series, Mexico city mint, 25 Pesos, KM 554.

Mexico, Bullion coinage, Pre-Columbian - Azteca Series, Mexico city mint, 1992 AD.,
25 Pesos (27 mm / 7,73 g), 0.999 silver, 7,78 g. theor. mint weight, coin alignment ↑↓ (180°), reeded edge,
Obv.: ESTADOS UNIDOS MEXICANOS // 1/4 ONZA DE PLATA / LEY 0,999 , national arms, eagle left on cactus, wings spread, snake in beak, branches below, all within D-shaped circle and designed border.
Rev.: Mo - 1992 / GUERRERO AGUILA // $ 25 , eagle warrior right within D-shaped circle and designed border.
KM 554 .

Year / Mintage
1992 50,000
1992 3,000 (Proof)

Eagle warriors or eagle knights (Classical Nahuatl: cuāuhtli) were a special class of infantry soldier in the Aztec army, one of the two leading military orders in Aztec society. These military orders were made up of the bravest soldiers of noble birth and those who had taken the greatest number of prisoners in battle. Of all of the Aztec warriors, they were the most feared. Eagle warriors, along with the Jaguar warriors, were the only such societies which did not restrict access solely to the nobility, as commoners "macehuales" were occasionally admitted for special merit. The "Eagles" were soldiers of the sun, for the eagle was the symbol of the sun.
The life of Aztec warriors was one of constant battle, as the primary purpose for this continual warfare was to take prisoners to be sacrificed to their gods. As the Aztec empire expanded, however, the expansion of the empire in size and power became increasingly important.
In current culture, the eagle warrior is a representation of the Aztec culture, and therefore the Mexican tradition. Some companies use the eagle warrior as a symbol that denotes strength, aggressiveness, competitiveness, and obviously remembrance of the ancient cultures of Mexico. AeroMexico's logo, for instance, shows a cuāuhtli.

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