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Arminius Numismatics - coins sorted by region or empire

Home > Ancient World > Pars-Persis-Iran
Random files
China,  718-732 AD., Tang Dynasty, middle Kai Yuan type, 1 Cash, Hartill 14.4 ab.  97 AD., Nerva, Rome mint, As, RIC 98. 2012 AD., Germany, Werl, Marien pharmacy (Apotheke), 250th anniversary Discount Token. 1991 AD., Germany, medal on king Friedrich II of Prussia, by Bayerisches Münzkontor Göde. 297-298 AD., Maximianus Herculius, Rome mint, radiate Æ fraction, RIC 77b. Crawford 069/4a, Roman Republic, anonymous grain-ear and KA series, unknown Sicily mint, Æ Triens, ca. 207-206 BC. Sigeion in Troas, 350-300 BC., Chalkus, BMC 21-22. 2007 AD., Germany, Federal Republic, 175th anniversary of Wilhelm Busch commemorative, Munich mint, 10 Euro, KM 265.  249-251 AD., Trajan Decius, Rome mint, Antoninianus, RIC 21b. Heracleia Pontica in Bithynia, 205-217 AD., Caracalla, Hemiassarion, Rec. Gén. 139. Caesarea in Judaea,  30-31 AD., Roman Procurators, Pontius Pilatus, Prutah, RPC 4968. 597/598 Theoupolis Follis XUI 3. Offizin, MIBE 96, Sear 533, Sommer 7.63 1622 AD., German States, Magdeburg, city coinage, Christian Wilhelm of Brandenburg, Dreier, v. Schr. 1751. Alexandria Troas, 222-235 AD., Severus Alexander, Quadrans, cf. Bellinger A352 - A354. undetermined Islamic copper coin 



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Random files - Pars-Persis-Iran
38 BC. - 2 AD., Ecbatana in Parthia, Arsacid Kingdom, Phraates IV., AR Drachm, Sellwood 52.10.102 views
70-57 BC., Rhagae in Parthia, Arsacid Kingdom, Phraates III, Tetrachalkon, Sellwood 35.15.25 views
399 - 420 AD., Sasanian empire, Yazdgard I., AS mint, Drachm.37 views
621-622 AD., Sasanian empire, Khusro II, uncertain site (NAH-mint), clipped Drachm.20 views
270-295 AD., Kushano-Sassanian, Hormizd I, Æ Drachm, Balkh mint , Göbl, Kushan 1052. 20 views
438-457 AD., Sasanian empire, Yazdgard II., uncertain site (AS-mint), Drachm.27 views
461-484 AD., Sasanian empire, Peroz, Goyman mint, Drachm.23 views
57-38 BC., Ecbatana in Parthia, Arsacid Kingdom, Orodes II., AR Drachm, Sellwood 48.9.54 views
80-90 AD., Parthian empire, Artabanos III, Ecbatana mint, Chalkous, Göbl 2053.73 views
302-309 AD., Kushano-Sassanian, Hormizd II., Æ Drachm, Göbl, Kushan 1091.47 views
Elymais, 100-200 AD., Orodes III., Æ Drachm.37 views
309-379 AD., Sasanian empire, Shapur II.37 views