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Arminius Numismatics - coins sorted by region or empire

Home > Ancient World > Baktria
Random files
United States, 2008 AD., Medal in honor of Apollo 11 and the first moon landing, German-American National Congress, Franklin Mint. 1989 AD., USSR, Leningrad mint, 1 Rouble commemorative Musorgsky, Y 220. h Kingdom of Axum, Ouazebas (ca. 380-390), Hahn #26 MH #54  Kremna in Pisidia, 198-209 AD., Geta Caesar, Æ18, SNG Cop. 141.  41 AD., Claudius, Tarraco(?) mint, Quadrans, RIC 85.  Pergamon in Mysia,    310-284 BC., Chalkus, Sear 3959. 1598-1605 AD., Russia, Boris Fyodorovich Godunov, silver Kopek, Kaim 1217. 2013 AD., Germany, German Social Democratic Party advertising chip on the occasion of the 2013 parliament poll, qualified to detach shopping carts and supermarket trolleys.  Brazil, 1913 AD., 1st Republic, Berlin mint, 1000 Reis, KM 513. 1862 AD., German States, Hessen-Darmstadt, Ludwig III, 1 Kreuzer, KM 339. Beroea in Macedonia, 218-222 AD., Koinon, Pseudo-autonomous issue, Æ25, cf. AMNG III, 459.  80-90 AD., Parthian empire, Artabanos III, Ecbatana mint, Chalkous, Göbl 2053.  97 AD., Nerva, Rome mint, As, RIC 79. Trophäen South Africa, 1990 AD., Republic, 2 Cents, KM 83. 



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Random files - Baktria
Baktria, 35-12 BC., Indo-Greek Kingdom, Azes II., Drachm, cf. Senior ISCH 105.500.23 views
Balkh mint in Baktria, 170-145 BC., Eukratides I., Obol, Bopearachchi série 9/60.39 views
Taxila in Baktria, 95-60 BC., Indo-Scythians, Maues, Æ Hemiobol, Senior 8.1.42 views
Panjhir mint in Bactria, 165-160 BC., Eukratides I., Tetradrachm.67 views
Pushkalavati mint in Baktria, 115-95 BC., Antialkidas, Hemiobol, Bop. Série 17A.34 views
Baktria, 35-12 BC., Indo-Greek Kingdom, Azes II., Drachm.38 views
Baktria, 58-12 BC., Indo Scythians, Azes I, Taxila mint, Drachm, Senior 90.42.26 views
Pushkalavati mint in Baktria, 171-145 BC., Eukratides I., Hemiobol.38 views
Balkh mint in Baktria, 235-200 BC., Graeco-Baktrian Kings, Euthydemos I., Æ Double Unit.61 views
Baktria, 35-12 BC., Indo-Greek Kingdom, Azes II., Drachm.45 views
Taxila mint in Baktria, 57-35 BC., Indo-Greek Kingdom, Azes I, in the name of Hermaios, Hemiobol, Mitchiner 421a.25 views
Baktria, 35-12 BC., Indo-Greek Kingdom, Azes II., Drachm.50 views