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Arminius Numismatics - coins sorted by region or empire

Home > Ancient World > North Africa, Syrtica-Mauretania
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2002-2016 AD., Germany, Federal Republic, elongated coin souvenir, Ostseebad Laboe / Laboe Naval Memorial commemorative, cf. KM Germany 208.  164 AD., Marcus Aurelius, commemorating the victory in Armenia in 163, Rome mint, Sestertius, RIC 890 var.  41-42 AD., Claudius, Rome(?) mint, Quadrans, RIC 85 or 89.  Metropolis in Ionia, 222-235 AD., Severus Alexander, Æ 17, SNG Cop. 916. India, Republic, 1992 AD., Mumbai mint, 25 Paise, KM 54.  161 AD., Divus Antoninus Pius, Rome mint, RIC 438. Ilici in Hispania,  14-37 AD., Tiberius, issued by duomviri L. Terentius Longus and L. Papirius Avitus, Semis, RPC 199. Egypt, 1917 AD., British protectorate, Hussein Kamil as Sultan, 10 Milliemes, KM 316. 383-388 AD., Magnus Maximus, Arelate mint, Æ-2, RIC 26a. 1939 AD., Germany, Third Reich, Vienna mint, 5 Reichsmark, KM 94.  1821 AD., German States, city of Frankfurt, 1 Heller, KM 301.  886-912 AD., Leo VI, Follis, Constantinopolis mint, Sear 1729.  364-367 AD., Valens, Aquileia mint, Æ3, RIC 9b xiii b. undetermined Roman provincial coin Elymais, 100-200 AD., Orodes III., Æ Drachm. 

North Africa, Syrtica-Mauretania


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Random files - North Africa, Syrtica-Mauretania
Numidia, Kings, 148-118 BC., Micipsa, Æ 27, SNG Cop. 505 var.32 views
Numidia, Kings, 60-46 BC., Juba I., Æ 27, SNG Cop. 529.26 views
Kyrenaika, Kyrene, 127-116 BC., Ptolemaios III Euergetes, Æ 12, Svoronos 1658 var.26 views
Mauretania, 20-19 BC., Juba II. with Cleopatra Selene, Denarius, Mazard 357.35 views
Thapsus in Zeugitana, 10 AD., Augustus, Æ 23, RPC 793.39 views
Kyrenaika, Kyrene, 204-180 BC., Ptolemaios V. Epiphanes, Obol, Weiser 106.30 views
Mauretania, Kings, 49-33 BC., Bocchus III., Siga mint, Æ 25, Müller 9.38 views
Islands off Sicily, Melita (Malta), 150-146 BC., Æ Semis, Calciati 8.34 views
Mauretania, 25 BC. - 24 AD., Caesarea mint, Juba II, with Cleopatra Selene, Æ 28, SNG Cop. 605.18 views
Islands off Sicily, Melita (Malta), 44-36 BC., C. Arruntanus Balbus, propraetor, Æ Semis, Calciati 14.39 views
Kyrenaika, Kyrene, 250 BC., Æ 23, SNG Cop. 1280.50 views
Mauretania, 25 BC. - 24 AD., Caesarea mint, Juba II, with Cleopatra Selene, Æ 28, SNG Cop. 605.49 views