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Arminius Numismatics - coins sorted by region or empire

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Random files
242 AD., Gordian III., Rome mint, Æ Sestertius, RIC 331a. Trajan's column detail, Trajan's Forum, Rome. 318-330 AD., Constantinus I., Trier mint imitative type, barbarous Follis, RIC p. 224. Sudan, 1894 AD., Abdullah ibn Mohammed, Um Durmán mint, 20 Piastres, KM 15. Thyateira in Lydia, 193-235 AD., pseudo-autonomous issue, Æ 20, BMC 33-37. 1737, France, Louis XV., the Assembly of Lille, Copper Token. 367-375 AD., Gratian, Thessalonica mint, Æ3, RIC 26c (xxxviii). 2016 AD., Italy, Rome mint, 1 Euro Cent, KM 210.  Uranius Antoninus fake, "Emesa mint", modern dies on old coin. Crawford 219/3, Roman Republic, 146 BC., Rome mint, moneyer C. Antestius, Æ Semis.  Philadelphia in Lydia,  70-79 AD., Titus caesar, Æ 18, RPC 1330.  589-590 AD., Maurice Tiberius, Constantinopolis mint, Half Follis, Sommer 7.28.  Nemausus in Gallia,   16-10 BC., Augustus, Dupondius, RPC 523. 1788 AD., German States, Saxe-Hildburghausen, Joseph Friedrich, Heller, KM 118.   67 AD., Nero, Lugdunum mint, Dupondius, RIC 597. 



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Random files - Axum
Axum, 550-600 AD., Ioel, billon unit, Munro-Hay 129. 22 views
Axum, 300-350 AD., Ezanas, Æ10, Munro-Hay 52.60 views
Axum, 340-500 AD., anonymous, Æ 16, Munro-Hay 76.96 views