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Arminius Numismatics - coins sorted by region or empire

Home > Ancient World > The Roman Republic
Random files
1785 AD., German States, Jülich-Berg, Grand Duchy, Düsseldorf mint, Carl-Theodor, ¼ Stuber, KM 205.  Viminacium in Moesia Superior, 247-248 AD., Philip I., Sestertius, Martin 2' 17' 1.  64 AD., Nero, Rome mint, As, RIC 211. Smyrna in Ionia,  37-38 AD., Gaius, issued by magistrate Menophanes under proconsul Aviola, Æ 22, RPC 2471. 351-355 AD., Constantius Gallus, Siscia mint, Æ3, RIC 337. Augusta Traiana in Thracia, 209-212 AD., Geta, Tetrassarion, Moushmov 3114. 1590-1595 AD., Spain, Felipe II., Segovia, Blanca, Cayón 3125 var. 1599 AD., France, Henri IV, Paris mint, Double Tournois, Dy. 1273. 1042-1066 AD., Colchester in England, Edward the Confessor, moneyer Brunhyse, Penny, North 820. 1450-1500 AD., France, Jeton de compte au nom de Jésus, Tournai (?), Jeton, LT./Rou. 1449 var. 1662 AD., Spain, Felipe IV, Segovia mint, Æ 16 Maravedis, Cayón 5237a.  India, British India, 1889 AD., Victoria, Bombay mint, 1/12 Anna, Pridmore 816. Lysimachos, Tetradrachm in bronze , modern replica. Bulgaria, 1999 AD., Republic, 5 Stotinki, Balgarska Moneten Dvor mint, Sofia, KM 239. China, 1912 AD., Republic, 10 Cash, Y 301.  

The Roman Republic


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Random files - The Roman Republic
Crawford 215/1, Roman Republic, Q. Marcius Libo, Denarius19 views
Crawford 544/15, Marc Antony, for Legio III, Denarius, 32-31 BC.17 views
Crawford 216/1, Roman Republic, L. Sempronius Pitio, Denarius44 views
Crawford 210/2, Roman Republic, 149 BC., Rome mint, moneyer C. Junius C. f., Æ As. 13 views
Crawford 219/3, Roman Republic, 146 BC., Rome mint, moneyer C. Antestius, Æ Semis. 15 views
Crawford 319/1, Roman Republic, Q. Thermus M.f., Denarius20 views
Crawford 342/5b, Roman Republic, C. Vibius C.f. Pansa, Rome mint, AR-Denarius.17 views
Crawford 132/3, Roman Republic, 194-190 BC., Rome mint, ME- series, Æ As.14 views
Crawford 282/4, Roman Republic, Narbo mint (Gaul), moneyers L. Licinius Crassus, Cn. Domitius Ahenobarbus and L. Pomponius, 118 BC., Denarius Serratus.19 views
Crawford 196/1, Roman Republic, 169-158 BC., Rome mint, anonymous star series, Æ As. 13 views
Crawford 123/2, Roman Republic, 206-195 BC., anonymous ram series, Æ As. 11 views
Crawford 363/1d, Roman Republic, L. Marcius Censorinus, Denarius23 views