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Arminius Numismatics - coins sorted by region or empire

Home > Ancient World > The Byzantine Empire
Random files
Antiochia ad Orontem in Syria,  12-13 AD., Augustus, Quintus Caecilius Metellus Creticus Silanus as legatus Syriae, Æ 20, RPC 4268. Derbe in Lycaonia, 164-180 AD., Lucilla, Æ22, von Aulock coll., Lykao.81-82. 1603 AD., Spain, Felipe III., Segovia mint, 2 Maravedis. Antiochia in Pisidia, 251-253 AD., Volusian, Æ23, SNG Tuebingen 4410. 153-154 AD., Antoninus Pius, Rome mint, Æ Sestertius, RIC 916a. 348-350 AD., Constans, Antiochia mint, Centenionalis, RIC 126. Colosseum of Rome, the exterior showing the intact original façade at the north side of the outer wall, scaffolds for restoration work (2015) left. India, Delhi Sultanate, 1323 AD., Ghiyath al-Din Tughluq, Billon 4 Gani. Romania, 1900 AD., Carol I, 5 Bani, KM 28. 2008 AD., Italy, circulation issue, 1 Euro, Rome mint, KM 250. 1724 AD., Dutch Republic, Holland, Dordrecht mint, 2 Stuivers, KM 48. (from the Akerendam shipwreck) 1970 AD., Timor, Portuguese colony, Lisbon mint, 20 Centavos, KM 17. Calagurris in Hispania,  2 BC. - 14 AD., Augustus, Æ Semis (halved As), RPC 447 var. Laodikea ad Mare in Syria, 114-115 AD., Trajan, Æ 26, BMC 40-41 var.. Caesarea in Cappadocia,  79-81 AD., Titus, Hemidrachm, RPC 1661. 

The Byzantine Empire


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Random files - The Byzantine Empire
655-658 AD., Constans II., Constantinopolis mint, Æ Follis, Sear 1010.22 views
624-625 AD., Heraclius, Catania mint, Æ Decanummium, Sear BC 886.8 views
1028-1034 AD., Romanus III, Follis, Constantinopolis mint, Sear BC 1823 var. 14 views
596-597 AD., Maurice Tiberius, Antiochia mint, Follis, Sear BC 533.13 views
830-842 AD., Theophilos, Syracuse mint, Follis, Sear 1681.8 views
931-944 AD., Constantine VII and Romanos I, Constantinopolis mint, Follis, Sear 1760. 7 views
520-570 AD., Byzantine lead seal, Thomas (?), Episcopus.22 views
830-842 AD., Theophilos, uncertain mint, Follis, Sear 1685.10 views
518-527 AD., Justin I., Constantinopolis mint, Æ Half Follis, Sear BC 68.25 views
830-842 AD., Theophilos, Constantinopolis mint, Follis, Sear 1667.10 views
868-879 AD., Basil I and Constantine VII, Constantinopolis or uncertain provincial mint, Follis, Sear 1721.15 views
652-655 AD., Constans II, Constantinopolis mint, Follis, Sear BC 1007 var.9 views