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Arminius Numismatics - coins sorted by region or empire

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Random files
392-395 AD., Theodosius I, Heracleia mint, Æ2, RIC 27 a 1. Not in RIC – ancient coins unlisted in the standard catalogue for Roman Imperials 1995 AD. / JE 5755, Israel, 10 New Sheqalim, KM 270. Sardis in Lydia,   133-50 BC., Æ 17, BMC 44. Ephesos in Ionia, 238-244 AD., Gordian III, Assarion, BMC 334. 308-309 AD., Galerius, Cyzicus mint, Follis, RIC 42.   15-10 BC. and later, Augustus, Lugdunum mint, Semis, RIC 230 var. 1990 AD., Poland, Republic, 10th anniversary of Solidarność commemorative, Warsaw mint, 10000 Złotych, KM Y 195.  1603-1655 AD., Spain, Felipe III. and IV., 8 and 12 Maravedis, countermarked, Cayón 4110, 5183 ff and 5108 ff. 1850-1920 AD., Great Britain, Coventry, J. Pickard, advertising token, by D. Lowe, Birmingham, Brass Token 1978 AD., France, Paris mint, 10 Centimes, KM 929. 1982 AD., Germany, Federal Rebublic, Rhénan coin collectors (Rheinische Münzfreunde) 25th anniversary, brass medal.  Laodikeia ad Lycum in Phrygia,  79-96 AD., pseudo-autonomous issue, Æ16, RPC 1298.  68 AD., Galba, Rome mint, As, RIC 366 var. 1985 AD. / JE 5775, Israel, 10 Sheqalim, KM 119. 

Hospital Ward


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Random files - Hospital Ward
German States, Prussia, 1769 AD., Friedrich II, Königsberg mint, 1/12 Reichstaler, KM 311.28 views
Caesarea in Cappadocia, 218-219 AD., Elagabalus, Æ 26, SNG Cop. 278. 21 views
295-299 AD., Maximianus Herculius, Cyzicus mint, radiate Æ fraction, RIC 15b. 16 views
1993 AD., Poland, democratic Republic, Casimir IV Jagiellon commemorative, Warsaw mint, KM Y 256.26 views
Deultum in Thracia, 217-218 AD., Diadumenian, 3 Assaria, Jurukova - . 26 views
141 AD. and later, Faustina senior, Rome mint, Denarius, RIC 362.29 views
Alexandria in Egypt, 63-64 AD., Nero, Tetradrachm, RPC 5273.36 views
1993 AD., Poland, democratic Republic, XVII Winter Olympics 1994 in Lillehammer (Norway) commemorative, Warsaw mint, KM Y 261.23 views
France, 1680-1715 AD., Louis XIV, Brass Token, Aurora or Sol.33 views
Lycia, 450-420 BC., Lycian Dynast Tethtiweibi, Kandyba mint?, Diobol, Reuter coll. 61.24 views
355-360 AD., Julianus II Caesar, Lugdunum mint, Æ3, RIC 199. uncleaned0 views
Alexandria in Egypt, 146-147 AD., Antoninus Pius, Tetradrachm, Dattari 2175.30 views