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Galerie > Medieval to Contemporary > Europe > Czechoslovakia
142 AD., Antoninus Pius, Rome mint, Dupondius, RIC 660a. Nemausus in Gallia,   16-10 BC., Augustus, Dupondius, RPC 523. Valley of the Colosseum and Caelian Hill. View from the eastern Palatine Hill.  Irenopolis in Cilicia, 253-254 AD., Valerian I., 8 Assaria, SNG Levante 1623. Dominican Republic, 1991 AD., 1 Peso, KM 80.1. 1918 AD., Germany, Rhineland, Coblenz (today Koblenz), Notgeld, 10 Pfennig, Funck 80.1A. Patras in Achaea,   30 BC., magistrate Nikostratos Kallistratou, Hexachalkon, BMC 12. Philadelphia in Lydia,  41-54 AD., Claudius, magistrate Idomeneos, Æ 18, RPC 3034. Abdera in Thracia,    240-200 BC., Magistrate Isagoros, Hexachalkon, AMNG 239 var. Nikopolis ad Istrum in Moesia Inferior, 202-205 AD., Caracalla, 4 Assaria, Pick  1545. 1920 AD., Germany, Weimar Republic, Broacker / Broager (municipality), Notgeld, collector series issue, 1 Mark, Grabowski/Mehl 188.3a. 032860 Reverse  2013 AD., Germany, German Social Democratic Party advertising chip on the occasion of the 2013 parliament poll, qualified to detach shopping carts and supermarket trolleys.  1921 AD., Germany, Weimar Republic, Großbreitenbach (town), Notgeld, collector series issue, 20 Pfennig, Grabowski/Mehl 478.1-2/3. Reverse 1535 / 1985 AD., German States, Münster, cast silver medal on the Anabaptist leader John of Leiden, re-edition of 1985, cf. Geisberg 21. 1920 AD., Germany, Weimar Republic, Groß-Salze (town), Notgeld, currency issue, 25 Pfennig, Grabowski G55.2a. 074309 Reverse 



Czechoslovakia was a sovereign state in Central Europe that existed from October 1918, when it declared its independence from the Austro-Hungarian Empire, until its peaceful dissolution on 1 January 1993.
From 1939 to 1945, following its forced division and partial incorporation into Nazi Germany, the state did not de facto exist but its government-in-exile continued to operate.
From 1948 to 1990, Czechoslovakia was part of the Eastern Bloc with a command economy. A period of political liberalization in 1968, known as the Prague Spring, was forcibly ended when the Soviet Union, assisted by several other Warsaw Pact countries, invaded. In 1989 Czechoslovaks peacefully deposed their government in the Velvet Revolution. In 1993, Czechoslovakia split into the two sovereign states of the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

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Zufallsbilder - Czechoslovakia
Czechoslovakia, 1991 AD., Federal Republic, 1 Koruna, KM 151.46 x angesehen
Czechoslovakia, 1942 AD., German occupation - Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, Vichr company at Lysá, 1 Koruna, KM 4.31 x angesehen