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Arminius Numismatics - coins sorted by region or empire

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United States, 2010 AD., Presidential dollar series, Franklin Pierce issue, Philadelphia mint, 1 Dollar, KM 476. Umayyad Emirate of Cordoba, 822-852 AD., Emir Abd ar-Rahman II, Fals, Frochoso XIII.  234 AD., Severus Alexander, Rome mint, Sestertius, RIC 538. 1843 AD., Russian Empire, Nicholas I, St. Petersburg mint, 2 Kopeks, KM C 145.3. Pautalia in Thracia, 198-201 AD., Septimius Severus, 4 assaria, Ruzicka 284. French Polynesia, 1979 AD., 10 Francs, KM 8. Canada, 2006 AD., Elizabeth II, Ottawa mint, 5 Cents, KM 491. India, Republic, 1978 AD., Calcutta mint, 1 Rupee, KM 78.1. Thailand, 1996 AD., Rama IX, 1 Baht, KM Y 330. Ephesos in Ionia, 253-268 AD., Gallienus, Æ 21, Loebbeke ZFN 1890, p.11, 4. 1794 AD., England, Middlesex Newgate Halfpenny Condor Token, D&H 391. 2016 AD., Germany, Federal Republic, Federal States series, state of Saxony commemorative, Zwinger palace in the city of Dresden, 2 Euro, Berlin mint, Jaeger 605.  Nikaia in Bithynia,   62-61 BC., Proconsul Gaius Papirius Carbo, Æ 20, Rec. Gen. 8. 140-144 AD., Antoninus Pius, Rome mint, Dupondius, RIC 660a. 1252-1284 AD., Spain, Castilia and Leon, Alfonso X., Dinero. 



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Random files - Gallia
Remi in Gallia, 80-40 BC., Reims region, Æ 17, DT 594.15 views
Massalia in Gallia, 385-220 BC., Obol, SNG Cop. 723-727.93 views
Nemausus in Gallia, 16-10 BC., Augustus, Dupondius, RPC 523 var.21 views
Nemausus in Gallia, 10-14 AD., Augustus, As (halved Dupondius), RPC 525 var.13 views
Nemausus in Gallia, 16-10 BC., Augustus, Dupondius, RPC 523 var.21 views
Nemausus in Gallia, 16-3 BC., Augustus, As (halved Dupondius), RPC 523-4 var.20 views
Senones in Gallia, 60-50 BC., Quadrans, LT 7493.20 views
Turones in Gallia, 80-50 BC., Potin.25 views
Nemausus in Gallia, 16-10 BC., Augustus, Dupondius, RPC 523 var.40 views
Arausio in Gallia, 30-29 BC., Augustus and Agrippa, As, RPC 533.63 views
Nemausus in Gallia, 16-10 BC., Augustus, Dupondius, RPC 523.22 views
Senones in Gallia, 100-50 BC., Potin, LT 7417.49 views