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Arminius Numismatics - coins sorted by region or empire

Home > Ancient World > Magna Graecia in Italia
Random files
 558-559 AD., Justinian I., Constantinopolis mint, Æ Follis, Sear BC 163. Thyateira in Lydia, 235-238 AD., Maximinus I, Æ 25, SNG Fitzwilliam 4894. United States, 2010 AD., Presidential dollar series, Millard Fillmore issue, Philadelphia mint, 1 Dollar, KM 475. Thebes in Boiotia,  221-197 BC., Æ18, BMC 81-89 , overstrike on Antigonos Gonatas SNG Cop. 1216. 1900-1960 AD., Great Britain, England, Birmingham,  J. V. White & Co. Ltd., five shillings market check token. 355-361 AD., Julian II Caesar, Siscia mint, Æ3, RIC 374. 355-361 AD., Constantius II, Rome mint, Æ-3, RIC 309. 170-171 AD., Marcus Aurelius, Sestertius, Rome mint, RIC 1017. 1790 AD., Belgium, Brussels mint, 2 liards - 2 oorden, KM 44. Nikopolis ad Istrum in Moesia Inferior, 218-222 AD., Elagabalus, 4 Assaria, Pick 2001. Sebastopolis-Heracleopolis in Pontus, 205-206 AD., Julia Domna, Æ26, cf. Waddington, unlisted. 1798 AD., Russian Empire, Pavel I, Ekaterinburg mint, 1 Kopek, KM C 94.2.   74 AD., Domitian, Rome mint struck for circulation in the East, As, RIC 1578. Antiochia in Pisidia, 268-270 AD., Claudius II, Tetrassarion, Krzyzanowska p. 210, CL 4.5. 1821 AD., Great Britain, Coin weight, Half Sovereign, Royal Mint, Withers 2251b. 

Magna Graecia in Italia


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Random files - Magna Graecia in Italia
Thurioi in Lucania, 320-240 BC., Diobol, SNG Cop. 1489-93.20 views
Teate in Apulia, 225-200 BC., Uncia, HNI 702d.57 views
Poseidonia / Paestum in Lucania, 470-445 BC., Stater, HN Italy 1114.43 views
Neapolis in Campania, 250-200 BC., Æ Hemilitra, Sambon 759.15 views
Poseidonia / Paestum in Lucania, 209-40 BC., Sextans, Crawford 6/3.20 views
Taras / Tarentum in Calabria, 325-280 BC., AR diobol, Vlasto 1341.56 views
Velia in Lucania, 350-280 BC., Æ 15, cf. HNI 1328.17 views
Arpi in Apulia, 276-260 BC., Æ 21, HNI 642.69 views
Central Italy (?)22 views
Poseidonia / Paestum in Lucania, 268-89 BC., Triens, HNI 1196.19 views
Kroton in Bruttium, 420-316 BC., Æ 15, SNG Cop. 1826-7.24 views
Leucas in Acarnania, 430-400 BC., Stater, SNGuk_0300_2275.51 views