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Arminius Numismatics - coins sorted by region or empire

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Random files
353 AD., Constantius Gallus, Arelate mint, Æ 3, unlisted. Viminacium in Moesia Superior, 251-252 AD., Volusian, Sestertius , Martin 5'27'3. 351-355 AD., Constantius II., Alexandria mint, Maiorina, RIC 72. Viminacium in Moesia Superior, 242-243 AD., Gordian III., Sestertius, Martin 1' 31' 1. 1919 AD., Germany, Weimar Republic, Notgeld, Gummersbach (city), 50 Pfennig, Funck 180.3b. United States, 1851 AD., fantasy coin or fake, the so-called “Indian Head Silver Dollar”, dated 1851 AD., produced ca. 1980-2010, probably in China.  67 AD., Nero, Lugdunum mint, Dupondius, RIC 597.  2003 AD., Hungary, Budapest mint, 50 Forint, KM 697.  270-273 AD. and later, Tetricus I/II, irregular mint, Æ Antoninianus, unclear type. Aegae in Aeolis,     200-0 BC., Dichalkon, Weber coll. 5467. Macedonian Kings,   359-336 BC., Philip II., Æ 18, Sear 6696-9 var. Carthagonova in Hispania,   27 BC. - 14 AD., Augustus, Semis, RPC 168. 1762 AD., Hapsburg monarchy, Maria Theresia, Kremnitz / Kremnica / Körmöcbánya mint (Hungary), 1 Kreutzer, KM 1993. 1951 AD., France, Paris mint, 50 Francs, KM 918.1. Brazil, 1913 AD., 1st Republic, Berlin mint, 1000 Reis, KM 513. 



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Random files - Pannonia
Pannonia, Eastern Celts in the Danube region, Æ Tetradrachm, Pink, Ostkelten, page 41, fig. 15591 views
Pannonia, 200-100 BC., Drachm, Lanz 811.53 views
16 BC.-12 AD., Augustus, Rome mint, Æ As, RIC p. 69-78, countermarked in Pannonia.89 views
Scordisci in Pannonia, AR Obol.95 views
15-10 BC., Augustus, Lugdunum mint, Æ As, RIC 230 var., countermarked in Pannonia.74 views
Skordisci in Pannonia, Sirmium, ca. 150-50 BC., "Kugelwange" type.98 views
Skordisci in Pannonia, Sirmium, ca. 150-50 BC., "Kugelwange" type.121 views
7 BC., Augustus, Rome mint, moneyer M. Maecilius Tullus, triumvir monetalis, As, countermarked for extra paxments to auxiliary cavalry regiment Ala II Hispanorum Arvacorum in Pannonia ca. 9-20 AD., RIC 435 var.28 views
Pannonia, Kapostal type, Æ Tetradrachm, cf. Kostial 773.113 views
Pannonia, Danube Celts, Central Serbia, 250-150 BC., Tetradrachm, Lanz 540.119 views
Pannonia, Kapostal type, Æ Tetradrachm93 views
Pannonia, 50-10 BC., Kapostal type, Æ or billon Drachm, Lanz coll. 818.81 views