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Arminius Numismatics - coins sorted by region or empire

Home > Ancient World > Illyria
Random files
 594-595 AD., Maurice Tiberius, Constantinopolis mint, Follis, Sear BC 494.  1938 AD., Germany, Third Reich, Munich mint, 5 Reichspfennig, Jaeger 363. 283-285 AD., Carinus, Kyzikos mint, Æ Antoninianus, RIC 324 var.  68 AD., Galba, Rome mint, Dupondius, RIC 284 var. 1988 AD., Luxembourg, Jean I, 1 Franc, KM 63. Serdica in Thracia, 198-201 AD., Septimius Severus, issued by governor C. Caecina Largus, Tetrassarion, Ruzicka 44. Mamluks, Bahri dynasty, Syria, 1262-1268 AD., Baybars I (al-Zahir Rukn al-Din), Dimashq - Damascus mint, AR Dirhem, Balog Mamluk 44.  Ephesos in Ionia, 218-222 AD., Elagabalus, Assarion, unlisted. Armenians of Cilicia, 1270-1289 AD., Royal Period, Levon II., Sis mint, Tram. 200 AD. and later, Julia Domna, ancient forgery, silver plated Æ denarius, cf. RIC 546. Massalia in Gallia,  149-40 BC., Hemiobol, cf. De La Tour 1673. Caesarea in Cappadocia, 223-224 AD., Severus Alexander, BMC 304 var. Corduba in Hispania,  19-2 BC., Augustus, Semis, RPC 130. 1980 AD., Greece, Greek Democracy, Athens mint, 50 Drachmai, KM 124. 254 AD., Gallienus, Rome mint, Antoninianus, Göbl 15v. 



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Random files - Illyria
Apollonia in Illyria, 229-80 BC., Roman protectorate, Drachm, BMC 14.86 views
Dyrrhachion in Illyria, 200-37 BC., magistrates Exephron, Exakestou, Drachm, cf. BMC 70/68.51 views