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Arminius Numismatics - coins sorted by region or empire

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Random files
1984 AD., USSR, 20 Kopeks, KM Y 132. 247 AD., Philip I., Rome mint, Antoninianus, RIC 4. 350 AD., Vetranio in the name of Constantius II, Siscia mint, Æ2, RIC 286. 364-367 AD., Valentinian I., Siscia mint, Æ3, RIC 5a. Palembang Sultanate?, ca. 1775-1825 AD., 1 Pitis, cf. Robinson 16. Anazarbos in Cilicia,  93-94 AD., Domitian, Æ22, RPC II 1748. 1914 AD., Germany, Medal on the beginning of World War One, Aluminium. India, Kushan, 192-225 AD., Vasu Deva I, Pana, Mitchiner ACW 3451ff. Vietnam, 1974 AD., Republic, FAO commemorative issue, 10 Dong, KM 13. Corduba in Hispania,   49-45 BC., issued by moneyer Gnaeus Julius, Quadrans, Villaronga, CNH 1. 1637-1691 AD., Italian States, Mirandola, Alessandro II Pico, Mirandola mint, Bolognino, CNI 39/40.  1923 AD., Germany, inflation and hunger in Saxony, Friedrich Wilhelm Hörnlein, Steel Medal. Tralleis in Lydia, 253-268 AD., Gallienus, Æ 20, BMC 199. Akmoneia in Phrygia,  62 AD., Nero, Trichalkon, RPC 3174. Villa Hadriana, western parts, near Tivoli, Italy.  



Achaea was a province of the Roman Empire, consisting of the modern-day Peloponnese in southern Greece and bordered on the north by the provinces of Epirus and Macedonia. The region was annexed to the Roman Republic in 146 BC after a brutal campaign, in which the city of Corinth was razed by the Roman general Lucius Mummius, its inhabitants slaughtered or sold into slavery, and the temples looted for sculpture for Roman villas.

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Random files - Achaea
Olympia in Elis, 230-191 BC., Æ 22, BCD 292.12 views
Messene in Messenia, 175-168 BC., Achaean League coinage, magistrate Char..., Hemidrachm, BCD Peloponnesos 722.814 views
Athens in Attica, 200-86 BC., Æ10, Svor. 103. 57-64.13 views
Corinth in Achaea, 335-306 BC., Æ 12, BMC 434ff.24 views
Megara in Achaea, Peloponnesos, 243-146 BC., Hemidrachm, BMC - .17 views
Athens in Attica, 99-98 BC., Tetrachalkon, SNG Cop. 299.11 views
Corinth in Achaea, 350-300 BC., Æ 18, BMC 472.7 views
Sikyon in Sikyonia, 330-270 BC., Peloponnesos, Chalkus, Warren 4A.1.14 views
Corinth in Achaea, 310-290 BC., Alexander III (the Great), Tetradrachm, Price 691.23 views
Argos in Argolis, Peloponnese, 130-100 BC., Hemidrachm, SNG Cop. 3713 views
Corinth in Achaea, 345-320 BC., AR Stater, Ravel 1098.19 views
Megara in Achaea, Peloponnesos, 330-275 BC., Æ14, BMC 28-9.7 views