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Arminius Numismatics - coins sorted by region or empire

Home > Ancient World > Sarmatia
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  15-13 BC., Augustus, Lugdunum mint, Denarius, RIC 171a. Ephesos in Ionia, 253-260 AD., Valerian I, Æ 27, SNG von Aulock 1922.  36-37 AD., Tiberius, contemporary imitation, "Lugdunum mint", silver-plated fouree Denarius, cf. RIC 26. 244-246 AD., Otacilia Severa, Rome mint, Antoninianus, RIC 123c. Kibyra in Phrygia,  93-96 AD., Domitian and Domitia, issued by Archiereus Klaudios Bias, Æ 24, RPC 1262 / Howgego 444. 141 AD. and later, Faustina senior, Rome mint, Denarius, RIC 362. 350 AD., Magnentius, Treveri mint, Æ Maiorina, RIC 315. e Kingdom of Axum, Ousanas, second reign (ca. 336-345), Hahn #14b MH #28  Nikopolis ad Istrum in Moesia Inferior, 218 AD., Diadumenianus Caesar, 4 Assaria, Pick 1799. Alexandria Troas, 222-235 AD., Severus Alexander, As, Bellinger A339. Ukraine, 1992 AD., Lugansk mint, 5 Kopiyok, KM 7.  2018 AD., Germany, Federal Republic, Federal States series, state of Berlin commemorative, Charlottenburg Palace, Hamburg mint, 2 Euro, KM 367.   79 AD., Titus, Rome mint, Denarius, RIC II 34 var. Edessa in Mesopotamia, 242-244 AD., Gordian III, Æ 33, BMC 136-7. Alexandria in Egypt,       246-222 BC., Ptolemaios III Euergetes, Æ Drachm, Svoronos 964. 



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Random files - Sarmatia
Olbia in Sarmatia, 370-360 BC., Chalkus, SNGuk_0901_0543.54 views
Tyra in Sarmatia, 180-192 AD., Commodus, Æ 4 assaria, Zograph 59.82 views
Olbia in Sarmatia, 330-320 BC., Chalkus, SNGuk_0901_0431.44 views
Olbia in Sarmatia, 330-300 BC., Æ23, SNG BM vol. IX 467.56 views
Tyra in Sarmatia, 81-98 AD., Domitian, Æ 21, countermarked between the eras of Domitian and Trajan, RPC 494.30 views