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Arminius Numismatics - coins sorted by region or empire

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Random files
Miletos in Ionia,   259-246 BC., magistrate Artemon, Tetrachalkon. Smyrna in Ionia,   170-145 BC., magistrate Poseidonios, Chalkus, Milne 143. 1905 AD., France, silvered Art Nouveau bronze plaquette, by medallist Félix Rasumny. 1890 AD., United Kingdom, Victoria, Royal Mint, 1 Shilling, KM 774. Thessalonica in Macedonia,  81-98 AD., Pseudo-autonomous issue, Æ 22, RPC 330. 314-315 AD., Constantinus I, Lugdunum mint, Follis, RIC 20. Nikopolis ad Istrum in Moesia Inferior, 218 AD., Diadumenianus Caesar, 4 Assaria, Pick 1844.  65 AD., Nero, Lugdunum mint, Sestertius, RIC 398 203 AD., Julia Domna, Rome mint, Denarius, RIC 574. Ecuador, 1997 AD., 70th Anniversary of the Central Bank of Ecuador commemorative, 100 Sucres, KM 101. 193-195 AD., Septimius Severus, Alexandria mint, Denarius, Trophy, RIC - 1925 AD, Portugal, 1st Republic, Lisbon mint, 10 Centavos, KM 573. 1967 AD., Macau, Portuguese colony, Lisbon mint, 5 Avos, KM 1a. South Africa, 1974 AD., Republic, 2 Cents, KM 83. United States, 1970-2000 AD., Thomas Jonathan Jackson Commemorative Medallion. 



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Random files - Aeolis
Kyme in Aeolis, 222-235 AD., Severus Alexander, Æ29, cf. BMC 139.23 views
Aegae in Aeolis, 138-161 AD., Antoninus Pius, issued by magistrate Dionysios II (strategos), countermarked ca. 244-249 AD. in Diocaesarea (Cilicia), Æ29, Imhoof-Blumer, ZfN 20, 6 / cf. Howgego 470.26 views
Myrina in Aeolis, 200-100 BC., Chalkus, BMC 20.19 views
Myrina in Aeolis, 400-300 BC., in Aeolis, 400-300 BC., Chalkus, SNGCop 217.19 views
Kyme in Aeolis, 350-250 BC., Chalkus, BMC 16ff.21 views
Myrina in Aeolis, 221 AD., Annia Faustina, Æ29, Dionysos (countermarked).34 views
Elaia in Aeolis, 98-192 AD., pseudo-autonomous issue, Æ 14, BMC 34-37.23 views
Aegae in Aeolis, 300-200 BC., Chalkus, SNG von Aulock 1593.33 views
Kyme in Aeolis, 320-250 BC., Tetrachalkon, cf. Zeitschrift für Numismatik XX 2724 views
Kyme in Aeolis, 250-190 BC., magistrate Heraios, Chalkus, BMC 53.20 views
Grynion in Aeolis, 300-200 BC., Æ17, Sear 4208.41 views
Elaia in Aeolis, 340-300 BC., Chalkus, SNG Cop. 169-170.32 views