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Arminius Numismatics - coins sorted by region or empire

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332-333 AD., City Commemorative Constantinopolis, Treveri mint, Follis, RIC 548. Nikopolis ad Istrum in Moesia Inferior, 193-211 AD., Septimius Severus, Assarion, Pick 1428 var. 10 BC. and later, Augustus, imitative Dupondius, irregular Gallic(?) mint, cf. RPC 523. 1998 AD., Netherlands, Beatrix, Medallic Coinage, Ecu Series, Nederland Waterland theme, Brussels mint, 1 Ecu. Arados in Phoenicia, modern cast fake, dated city era 375 = 116-117 AD., Æ 22, cf BMC 374. 1764 AD., German States, Augsburg, city, 1 Pfenning, KM 181 var. Anazarbos in Cilicia, 253-254 AD., Valerian I., 3 Assaria, Ziegler 812. 1860 AD., Ottoman Empire, Turkey, Abdul Mejid, Constantinople mint, 40 Para, KM 670. 1738 AD., France, Louis XV, engraver Joseph-Charles Roettiers, AR Jeton. Smyrna in Ionia,  10 BC., Augustus, issued by magistrate Dionysios Kollybas, Æ 18, RPC 2465. Tyana in Cappadocia, 135-136 AD., Hadrian, Æ20, Waddington 6805-6.  Ake-Ptolemais in Phoenicia,    225-224 BC., Kings of Egypt, Ptolemaios III Euergetes, Æ Dichalkon, Svoronos 793. 270-273 AD. and later, Tetricus I., irregular mint, Æ Antoninianus, Hilaritas. 1622 AD., Spain, Felipe IV., Sevilla mint, 4 Maravedis, cf. Cayón 4885 ff. 2016 AD., Germany, Federal Republic, 125th anniversary of Otto Dix, Karlsruhe mint, 10 Euro. 



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Random files - Ionia
Smyrna in Ionia, 75-50 BC., magistrate Zeuxis, Tetrachalkon, Milne 398.10 views
Kolophon in Ionia, 330-280 BC., magistrate Epigonos, Dichalkon, BMC 22.17 views
Smyrna in Ionia, 75-50 BC., magistrate Metrodoros, Æ 24, Milne 381.15 views
Smyrna in Ionia, 150-50 BC., magistrate Theotimos Ylas, Æ 20, Mionet Sup. VI 306.12 views
Smyrna in Ionia, 190-170 BC., magistrate Konon, Chalkus, Milne 106.12 views
Metropolis in Ionia, 198-217 AD., Caracalla, Æ21, SNG Leypold 671.19 views
Ephesos in Ionia, 198-209 AD., Geta Caesar, Hemiassarion, unlisted.14 views
Ephesos in Ionia, 249-251 AD., Trajan Decius, Assarion, SNG Cop. 492 .20 views
Chios in Ionia, 290-275 BC., Alexander III. (the Great), AR Drachm, Price 2322.47 views
Smyrna in Ionia, 170-145 BC., magistrate Apollonides, Tetrachalkon, Milne 132.15 views
Miletos in Ionia, 225-200 BC., magistrate ...gaklos, Chalkus.15 views
Ephesos in Ionia, 193-211 AD., Septimius Severus, Assarion, unlisted.17 views