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Arminius Numismatics - coins sorted by region or empire

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Magnesia ad Sipylum in Lydia, 117-138AD., Hadrian, Æ 25, unlisted. 1873, France, city of Rouen, silver medal for Alphonse Bréant, Paris mint, by Brenet. 378-383 AD., Gratian, Treveri mint, Æ2, RIC 65a. 270 AD., Quintillus, Rome mint, Æ Antoninianus, RIC 33.  527-537 AD., Justinian I., Constantinopolis mint, Æ Follis, cf. Sear BC 158... Iran, 1884-5 AD., Nasir al-Din Shah, Tehran mint, Shahi Sefid, KM 889. Ekualakos in Hispania,  150-100 BC., Æ As, Alvarez-Burgos 755 Nikomedia in Bithynia, 222-235 AD., Severus Alexander, Assarion, Rec. gén. 325 var. Berytos in Phoenicia, 112-117 AD., Trajan, Æ28, Rouvier 522. 2011 AD., Greece, 2 Lepta / Euro Cent, Athens mint, KM 182.  1918 AD., Germany, Württemberg, Heilbronn, Notgeld, 10 Pfennig, Funck 204.1. Central Italy, ca. 100-30 BC., "Italo-Baetican" type, Æ Biunx, cf. Stannard, p. 213, nos. 15-16. Caesarea in Cappadocia, 204-205 AD., Julia Domna, Æ 28, Hunter coll. 75 258-259 AD., Gallienus, Colonia mint, Antoninianus, Göbl 893h. 1795 AD., England, Middlesex, Political & Social Series Halfpenny Token, cf. D&H 1039. 



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Random files - Phrygia
Synnada in Phrygia, 253-268 AD., Salonina, Æ28, BMC 70-73.14 views
Synnada in Phrygia, 133-0 BC., magistrate Admetos, Æ16, SNG Cop. 709.11 views
Hierapolis in Phrygia, 198-268 AD., pseudo-autonomous issue, Æ23, BMC 82.13 views
Hierapolis in Phrygia, 5 BC., Augustus, issued by magistrate Charopides Sostratou, Æ 19, RPC 2957.12 views
Peltae in Phrygia, 200-100 BC., magistrate Dionys(os?), Æ20, BMC 3 countermarked.14 views
Kotiaion in Phrygia, 253-268 AD., pseudo-autonomous issue by magistrate Diogenes Dionysiou, archon, Æ23, BMC 20-25 var.9 views
Peltae in Phrygia, 198-217 AD., Caracalla, magistrate Tat. Arionos, strategos, Æ23, BMC 26. 11 views
Aizanis in Phrygia, 81-96 AD., Domitian, Æ 20, RPC 1367.11 views
Eumenea in Phrygia, 54-55 AD., Nero Caesar, RPC 3149.37 views
Akmoneia in Phrygia, 55 AD., Nero, Trichalkon, RPC 3171.17 views
Laodicea ad Lycum in Phrygia, 88 BC., Q. Oppius praetor, AE 26, RPC 602.37 views
Synaus in Phrygia, 100-200 AD., Quasi-autonomous Issue, Æ18, SNG Leypold 1749.33 views